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Dear CWSL Community-

Thank you for your patience as we try to navigate the twists and turns of the COVID -19 virus. We have launched this page to provide you with up-to-date information and policies that the law school is adopting to balance health and safety concerns with the strong desire to reconnect as a community. Please remember to check the page frequently, as the situation with the virus is fast moving, requiring us to respond in kind.

Try not to get discouraged by the uncertainty that this pandemic is causing. Know that we are trying our best to ensure that we can return to campus and stay on campus for the entire academic year.

Sending positive thoughts, Dean Scott


2 Cases

From aug 23 2021 to sep 24 2021

6 Cases

From aug 23 2021 to sep 24 2021

8 Cases

Cumulative Total
From aug 23 2021 to sep 24 2021

COVID 19 Protocols for Campus Community Exposure Incidents and Positive Cases

September 22 2021

  1. Any individual accessing the California Western campus must be masked, including vendors and visitors. Individuals must also continue to follow all other applicable policies and requirements for access to campus.

September 15 2021

  1. Please refer to the updated mask policy, including the requirement to that face masks be worn over the mouth and nose to protect yourself and your fellow community members.

September 01 2021

  1. As of 9.1.21, 99% of students who are accessing the campus are vaccinated.
  2. Between 8.24.21 and 9.1.21, a total of 4 cases of COVID-19 have been reported. A dashboard will be posted in the coming weeks that will provide information on relevant COVID-19 statistics.

August 25 2021

  1. Classes are still scheduled to resume in person Monday, August 30.
  2. 100% of faculty and staff are either vaccinated or exempted
  3. Nearly 100% have students are vaccinated or exempted, and we expect the number to increase this week
  4. Beginning August 30, we will be offering free COVID testing on Monday in the Student Affairs conference room. Testing is on a drop-in basis and will run from 7:30am-9:00 am.
  5. Tests are administered mid-nasal and results are available within 30 minutes. Should you test positive you will be immediately notified. Please contact Mercedez Wallace in HR for what to do if you test positive.
  6. Clarification of policy about eating on campus: outdoor eating is recommended as the safest option, but indoor eating with adequate social distancing (in all buildings) is also acceptable. Masking is required unless actively eating or drinking.

August 19 2021

  1. Masking will be required for all faculty and students inside the classroom. Faculty are expected to remain masked even if teaching behind a plexiglass divider.
  2. As of 8/19/21 over 99% of full-time faculty and staff have been vaccinated, and 92% of all students have been vaccinated. That number will rise as student services continues to verify submissions.

August 18 2021

California Western School of Law is now open, and all staff are expected to report

  1. We continue to expect classes to resume in person on August 30
  2. As part of a concierge medical program, we will offer free testing to all faculty and staff beginning August 30, 8am, in the Student Affairs conference room, first floor, 350 Cedar Street.  Should you feel you have been exposed to, or showing symptoms of, COVID19 you are welcomed to test.  You will be administered a antigen test by a licensed nurse.  Results are provided by the nurse within 30 minutes.  Should you test positive, please notify your supervisor, return home, and contact Mercedez Wallace in HR for information on quarantining.
  3. Visitors without a host must present valid proof of vaccination to security and may be required to provide a valid reason for their visit to campus.

August 11 2021

  1. California Western continues to plan to reopen August 16 
  2. Please make sure you’re communicating with your supervisor to ensure a smooth return process 
  3. 99% of staff and full-time faculty are now vaccinated
  4. 86% of students have confirmed their vaccination status

August 05 2021

  1. Masking will remain in effect until further notice.
  2. New reopening date set for 8/16.
  3. We recommend that department heads work on staggering the return as needed.
  4. Orientation is proceeding as planned in a hybrid format.

July 30 2021

  1. Campus reopening delayed. While we intended to reopen campus on August 2, reopening will be delayed. We will reassess next week. We anticipate that public health authorities will review the new information and hopefully provide institutions such as ours with updated guidance on what precautions are advisable and perhaps, mandated. While this delay is not yet legally mandated, it seems prudent to take this step.
  2. Vaccination and masks while on law school premises. While the Committee monitors the situation and await guidance from health officials, employees and students coming to campus must be vaccinated or have received an exemption, and must wear a mask while on campus, whether inside law school buildings or outside on law school property. Social distancing is not required if on campus, so consistent with current CDC guidelines you may meet with others indoors, including in offices, provided that all are masked and vaccinated.
  3. In-person v. virtual events. We're reiterating a strong preference for events to be virtual rather than in-person. We are not yet prohibiting in-person events and activities, but all organizers should consider converting these events to virtual events.
  4. Fall classes will be in-person unless health considerations dictate otherwise. At the moment, we still intend for classroom instruction this Fall to be in-person.