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Once written notification of the resolution has been provided, either the complainant or the respondent will have the opportunity to appeal the outcome, including the issue of whether there is a Policy violation and any discipline or corrective measure imposed.  Any appeal must be submitted in writing to the Title IX Coordinator within ten (10) calendar days of being notified of the outcome of the investigation or hearing and must set forth the grounds upon which the appeal is based.  The only grounds for appeal are as follows: a procedural error that significantly impacted the outcome, to consider new evidence unavailable during the original investigation, or the sanctions imposed are substantially disproportionate to the severity of the violation.  Appeals will be resolved in accordance with any applicable procedures found in this Policy or other applicable procedure regarding discipline or corrective measures actions taken against employees.

The Title IX Coordinator will refer the appeal to the Dean or other designated School official who shall resolve the appeal.  Neither the complainant nor the respondent will be entitled to a hearing in connection with any appeal.  Both parties will be informed in writing of the outcome of any appeal within fourteen (14) days of the date by which all requested information is received, unless the School determines that additional time is required.  The appeal decision is final.