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Employer Testimonials

"Thank you for matching me up with one of your LLM students, Emerson Wheat. He arrived at my office in December 2010 well prepared to assist me in every phase of my very busy criminal defense practice.

In particular, he demonstrated a great understanding of federal criminal defense and I quickly felt comfortable assigning him work on my most challenging cases. His research and writing skills evidence the thorough instruction he received in your program. He is an incredible asset when it comes to researching and drafting motions, memoranda, and appeals.

Emerson worked tirelessly as a clinical intern, continued to provide contract work after receiving his LLM degree, and I hired him as my associate in September of 2011. My practice is once again manageable with Emerson working for me.

I believe your LLM program does a tremendous job transforming law students into trial attorneys!"

- Knut Johnson, Law Offices of Knut Johnson, San Diego, CA

Student Testimonials

“Ever since entering law school I had wanted to be a criminal defense attorney; additionally, I wanted to be a trial lawyer. To that end, I took every elected class which remotely addressed trial techniques and tactics. Once graduating, I felt confident in the basics of trial work, but not competent enough to adequately go to trial. Finding a trial skills program like the LLM degree program at California Western was like discovering a gold mine. There is a staggering amount of knowledge and experience waiting to be tapped. Indeed, my experience at California Western has made me not only a more competent attorney, but also more confident in my abilities. Just as importantly, my time in the LLM program ignited a rather indispensable relationship with the instructors; this relationship has paid dividends time and time again since I graduated from California Western.

This program will teach you advanced trial techniques; will help you understand and apply federal criminal law; will open your eyes to different methods to use in your cases; and, it will drill into you the competence necessary to write motions, make oral arguments, and prepare for your trials. Most of all, the Trial Advocacy program creates relationships with numerous successful, effective and fearless criminal defense trial attorneys--relationships you may take advantage of once advocating for your own clients. In fact, I approach my cases with more confidence knowing that, at any time I have a question, I can contact Professors Mario Conte, Justin Brooks, or any of the other outstanding instructors in this program.

You will get out of this program what you choose to put in. If you work hard and take advantage of all the opportunities presented, you will graduate with confidence in your abilities. And just as importantly, you will graduate knowing that you will be part of a community specifically designed to support you in your career.”

- Vishad Dewan, LLM '11, JD Santa Clara University School of Law

"After spending my first summer in law school interning with the Federal Defender’s Office in Lubbock, Texas, my mind was made up; I wanted to be an Assistant Federal Public Defender. There was only one little problem, I had next to no criminal litigation experience. What was I to do? As law school graduation approached, I saw two possible options (1) I could get a job with one of the few state public defender’s offices in Texas; or (2) I could stay in school one more year and try masters of law program in Trial Advocacy at California Western School of Law in San Diego. While the decision was a hard one to make at the time, the choice I made to attend the LLM program was by far the best move I could have made!

My worry in attending the program was that I would be sacrificing a year of hands-on trial experience. While I was conducting mock trials, my friends were out in the real world trying cases in front of real juries. What I did not know then, however, was that while I was being taught by some of the best criminal law attorneys in the nation, my friends were learning on their own and, for the most part, they were learning very bad trial habits. On the other hand, I was learning how to successfully defend serious federal criminal charges and being equipped with the skills necessary to not only step into the high stakes realm of federal criminal defense, but to do so effectively.

After graduating from the LLM degree program in 2006, I took a job with the Wichita County Public Defender’s Office in Wichita Falls, Texas. With the skills and knowledge I learned from the LLM program, I quickly began trying serious felony cases culminating in the outright acquittal of a client charged with capital murder. Shortly after this huge victory, I accepted a job as an Assistant Federal Public Defender in Fort Worth, Texas. I am by far one of the youngest (if not the youngest) AFPD hired in this district and I owe a large part of my success to the time I spent in San Diego learning how to win at trial."

Matt currently works at the Federal Public Defender in Denver, Colorado.

- Matt Belcher, LL.M ’06, JD, Texas Tech University

"I chose to enroll in California Western’s LLM in Trial Advocacy program after practicing transactional corporate law for two decades in three different states. Why? I wanted to experience the thrill of the courtroom and ultimately, I felt deep satisfaction in defending the constitutional rights of those accused of federal crimes."

Gonzalez currently has his own practice, Law Office of Javier J. Gonzalez, in La Jolla, Calif.

- Javier Gonzalez LLM '04, JD Harvard Law School

"Spending two semesters focused exclusively on improving my federal criminal defense trial skills was an invaluable experience. The first part of the program consisted of studying with professionals who have spent their careers devoted to trial advocacy on behalf of the indigent accused. The second consisted of working alongside appointed counsel in federal criminal cases as part of my clinical placement. Working at the Federal Defenders of San Diego, Inc. was the highlight of the program because I was able to participate in one of the finest training programs for new attorneys engaged in the practice of federal criminal law. While the nation was debating immigration legislation, I was able to work alongside the attorneys whose daily responsibilities include protecting the rights of the people charged with immigration crimes. My one semester with these attorneys was, by far, the most valuable education I have received in my career."

- Kara Hoopis LLM '06, JD Roger Williams University School of Law

“The LLM program’s approach, which combines classroom instruction on federal criminal law, advocacy skills training, and the clinical placement experience, expanded the learning process beyond the law school classroom. If you learn by doing, then this is the program for you. I went from being completely unprepared to even speak with a person charged with a federal offense to being an attorney absolutely prepared to conduct a federal criminal trial from beginning to end with no reservations as to my abilities. I can say this only because of the instruction I received from the professors in the program, the assignments, and the experience I received while practicing in federal court under the supervision of the attorneys at the Federal Defender Program at Chicago. All these experiences were then polished by going through the federal defender trial skills academy, held in San Diego at the conclusion of the LLM program. I highly recommend this program if you are serious about wanting to be a trial lawyer."

Jackson currently works at the Orlando Public Defender’s Office.

- Shannon Jackson LLM '05, JD Michigan State University College of Law

“The LLM program in Trial Advocacy is much more than an academic experience. Although the program emphasizes federal criminal law, the life and career skills that are taught are universal and can also be applied in any state court. After the rigors of earning my LLM degree, I am always prepared, punctual and professional, whether walking into an arraignment or a trial. The program taught me to think in multiple dimensions, attacking a case from all fronts with a plan for every reasonable contingency.

As a young solo practitioner, I have the challenge of convincing clients to hire me, then repeatedly proving to them that they made the right decision every step of the way. The LLM degree does so much more than adding a few letters to my business card. It has given me the confidence to work on cases from start to finish. Within my first year of practice, I handled major felony trials knowing that I could be successful using the solid foundation of skills taught by the talented faculty in the LLM program.

Like any post-graduate program, you get out of this LLM what you put into it. I am proud to say that my efforts resulted in such an extraordinary payoff.”

- Stephanie-Louise Jamieson LLM '11, JD Santa Clara University School of Law

"I chose the LLM program in Trial Advocacy at California Western specifically because it provided hands-on experience that transfers to the real world of federal litigation. I did not want a program that only emphasized academic learning. I wanted to know the actual criminal procedures in federal court. I felt that the two mock trials in which I participated were of the caliber that I could then go into federal court and be prepared to undertake cases. I was also very impressed with the trial knowledge of the faculty and their willingness to share of their time and experiences.

Overall, the degree program was immensely helpful and a powerful tool for me to enter into the world of federal criminal litigation. I was sincerely proud to receive my LLM degree from California Western and it occupies a place of honor in my office."

Milner is currently Senior Partner with Milner & Markee LLP in San Diego.

- Nora Milner LLM '04, JD University of Denver School of Law

"Achieving an LLM degree in Trial Advocacy at California Western School of Law has provided me with the tools necessary to be competitive in a market filled with seasoned attorneys. Shortly after receiving my LLM degree, I soon had two federal jury trials under my belt. This could not have been possible without the LLM team at CWSL.

The LLM program is a blessing for anyone looking for an edge in practicing criminal defense. The amount of information taught in one semester of classes is equivalent to being a practitioner for at least two years. I learned the importance of always being prepared and was able to transition with ease into private practice. By the time I completed my LLM degree, there was no difference between student life and practicing law.

Recently, I started my own firm, the Monder Law Group, that focuses on criminal law and administrative law. I often find myself answering a lot of questions built off of the knowledge I learned in the LLM program. And even after graduating, I find myself coming back to CWSL to attend events and to continue educating myself on the latest legal trends and developments."

- Vikram Monder, LLM '12, JD Thomas Jefferson School of Law