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California Western School of Law
Cost of Attendance, 2020-21

JD Students
Full-Time Enrollment (12-17 units per trimester, 8 month academic year) Part-Time Enrollment (6-11 units per trimester, 8 month academic year)
Tuition [1] $56,080 $41,840
Activity Fee 150 150
Books 1,480 1,480
Supplies 150 150
Room & Board [2] 17,120 17,120
Transportation 3,344 3,344
Miscellaneous (incl. loan fees) [3] 4,046 4,046
TOTAL $82,370 $68,130

LLM & MCL Students
LLM Comparative Law Master of Comparative Law (8 month academic year) Maestría en Litigación Oral (Año académico de 12 meses)
Tuition [1] $31,800 $9,950
Activity Fee 150 80
Books 1,480 -
Supplies 150 225
Room & Board [2] 17,120 9,802
Transportation 3,344 4,150
Miscellaneous (incl. loan fees) [3]
4,046 4,512
TOTAL $58,090 $28,719

[1] Students taking fewer units per term than the numbers listed will have their tuition charged according to the Business Office's per-unit policies, which are found in the Business Office policies and procedures.

[2] Applies to students not living with parents or relatives. Students living with parents or relatives have a Room & Board budget of $5,000 per 8-month academic year. Students who receive military housing assistance or who live on a military base will be assigned a Room & Board budget of $2,800 (Board only).

[3] Assumes student applies for and is awarded a Federal Graduate PLUS Loan. Without a Graduate PLUS and its associated loan fees, the Miscellaneous budget is reduced by $1,232 (reduced by $564 for Maestria students).

In certain circumstances, students may be able to increase their student budgets for allowable education-related costs.