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Entrance Counseling

If you are receiving Stafford and/or Graduate PLUS loans for the first time as a graduate student, you must complete a Graduate/Professional Entrance Counseling Session at

If you do not have Internet access, a computer workstation is available in the Financial Aid office.

Many new students have questions about financial aid which cannot be adequately addressed in an on-line counseling session. The Financial Aid Office encourages all new students to attend the financial aid information sessions which are conducted during Orientation. Consult the Orientation schedule, available from the Admissions Office, for dates and times.

Exit Counseling

Federal student loan borrowers who graduate or withdraw from school are required to complete a Graduate/Professional Exit Counseling session at

To complement the information provided in the on-line counseling sessions, the Financial Aid Office conducts seminar-style information sessions for graduating students, about one month prior to graduation. Questions regarding loan repayment, deferment, consolidation, and financial planning will be addressed. We strongly urge graduating students to attend one of these sessions during their final term at California Western.