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One of the most effective, meaningful ways to learn the practice of law is by doing exactly that: practice. California Western guarantees a clinical experience--an internship setting with real clients and cases, under the guidance of a faculty guide and practicing attorneys--to every single student. Check out a few of our clinics below.

California Innocence Project students and professors working

Community Law Project (CLP)

The CLP clinic provides free legal information in a variety of practice areas to low income and indigent communities in each of its five clinics inSan Diego.

California Innocence Project (CIP)

The CIP clinic works to exonerate the wrongfully convicted. Students work alongside CIP staff attorneys on cases where there is strong evidence of factual innocence. They assist in case investigation and litigation by locating and re-interviewing witnesses, visiting crime scenes, examining new evidence, filing motions, securing experts, and providing support to attorneys during evidentiary hearings and trials. Click here to learn more.

Mediation Clinic

While enrolled in the Mediation Clinic, CWSL students make critical connections with attorneys and mediators while achieving certification for 50 hours of mediation training and experience. Click here to learn more and to read testimonials from alumni of the Mediation Clinic.

New Media Rights (NMR)

The NMR clinic provides legal services and education to and advocates on behalf of internet users and content creators.

USPTO Trademark Clinic

As part of the CWSL Trademark Clinic, participating students get the chance to practice trademark law while under the supervision of clinic attorneys. This valuable experience exposes students to all facets of trademark law and filings, and helps foster important professional connections. Click here to learn more.

Clinical Externship Program

Our Clinical Externship Program speaks to the thoughtful, strategic timeline students follow as they move through law school at California Western. In this program, third year law students can participate in an externship - located anywhere in the world and in any area of the law while receiving academic credit. On the cusp of graduation and transition to the professional community, participants in this program are offered the chance to experience life in government offices, private practice groups, non-profit organizations and more.