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Each spring, we typically invite our admitted students to participate in our on-campus Preview Day program. During this program, students visit our campus, explore our beautiful city, and meet current students, alumni, staff, and faculty to learn more about the supportive and innovative learning community California Western provides its students.

While we are disappointed that we can't hold Preview Day on campus as we normally would, we're very excited to present you with our Virtual  Preview Day program. Pull on a comfortable pair of sweats to match your business-casual top. Pour yourself a coffee or tea in your favorite mug. Then jump onto Zoom to interact with current students, alumni, staff, and faculty during our virtual program!

If you have additional questions or want to continue the conversation, please reach out to us at, (619) 525-1401, or schedule a phone appointment with your counselor (Audrey, Baran or Iris).

The Schedule at a Glance

10:00am: Student Organizations Information Fair - Explore the variety of student organizations and on-campus programs available to our students in breakout rooms.

10:30am: Dean's Welcome- Sean M. Scott, President and Dean

10:35am: Supporting our Students at California Western - Students and staff from our Student & Diversity Services, Career & Professional Development, and Academic Achievement offices will discuss how these offices help our students work through the rigors of law school, build their careers, and stay healthy while doing so.

11:05am: Break - Refill those coffee/tea mugs, get up, and have a stretch.

11:15am: Learn by Doing - In breakout rooms, you'll get to explore some of our legal clinics and experiential learning opportunities, including the California Innocence Project, the Community Law Project, New Media Rights, STEPPS, and the Clinical Externship Program.

11:50am: Faculty Lounge - Professor Catherine Hardee and two current student teaching fellows will discuss the most effective ways to move through the first-year academic experience with success (and hopefully as little stress as possible!).

12:10pm: Break - Grab a snack and have a stretch.

12:20pm: Competitive Advocacy Program - Our competitive advocacy teams (commonly known as trial teams or moot court teams at many schools) are nationally recognized for their success in trial, appellate, and negotiation competitions. Listen in to hear more about how California Western has developed a stellar reputation in the world of trial advocacy.

12:50pm: Student and Alumni Conversation - To round out the day, we'll chat with a panel of current students and alumni to learn more about the ways that California Western prepares our students for successful, exciting, and meaningful legal careers.

Optional Afternoon Sessions

1:20pm: Financial Aid Q&A - Chat with members of our Financial Aid Office about student loans, the FAFSA, and budgeting in law school.

1:35pm: Housing Q&A - We are excited to welcome our students back to campus as soon as it is safe to do so - get ahead of the game and get your San Diego housing questions answered here.

Student Organizations Information Fair

California Western is home to more than thirty different student organizations. Our diversity coalition of student groups is a collection of affinity organizations and our practice-based organizations include many practice areas from animal defense to business, intellectual property, and criminal law. We'll also feature breakout rooms staffed by student support staff during the fair, including the Career & Professional Development Office, Student & Diversity Services, and more. If you'd like to be connected with any group as you make your law school decision, contact your admissions counselor for assistance.

Are you interested in connecting with current students before Preview Day? Schedule a Student Ambassador call!

Dean's Welcome

Our President and Dean, Sean M. Scott, will welcome you to the formal start of our program and provide you with some tips and remarks that should help you get the most out of your time at our Virtual Preview Day program.

Supporting our Students at California Western

It is our hope that when you attend law school at California Western, you experience professional and academic success while enjoying yourself and remaining healthy.

Assistant Dean of Student & Diversity Services, Susan Finster will chat with a current student about the suite of programs California Western offers its students. Dean Finster will discuss opportunities such as "New to Law School Coaching," the Buddy Program, one-on-one counseling opportunities as well as health and wellness programing that is designed to keep you in a healthy headspace for studying and practicing law.

Assistant Dean of Academic Achievement, Kiyana Kiel will speak to your academic experience in law school. Dean Kiel will talk with a member of our Teaching Fellows program and will highlight the most important do's and don'ts for academic success as a law student.  

Director of the Access to Law Initiative, Matthew Lab will round out our student support programs with a discussion of the services the Career and Professional Development Office offers our students.

Experiential Learning: Learn by Doing

One of the most effective, meaningful ways to learn the practice of law is by doing exactly that: practice. California Western guarantees a clinical experience (an internship setting with real clients and cases, under the guidance of a faculty member and practicing attorneys) to every single student. We've created the opportunity for you to get to know a handful of these programs in breakout rooms during Preview Day. You'll also be able to check in with the Clinical Externship Program and STEPPS, two classes that help bridge the gaps between law school and law practice.

Community Law Project (CLP)

The CLP clinic provides free legal information in a variety of practice areas to low-income and indigent communities in each of its five clinics in San Diego.

California Innocence Project (CIP)

The CIP clinic works to exonerate the wrongfully convicted. Students work alongside CIP staff attorneys on cases where there is strong evidence of factual innocence. They assist in case investigation and litigation by locating and re-interviewing witnesses, visiting crime scenes, examining new evidence, filing motions, securing experts, and providing support to attorneys during evidentiary hearings and trials.

New Media Rights (NMR)

The NMR clinic provides direct legal services to creators, entrepreneurs, journalists, and internet users whose projects require specialized internet, intellectual property, privacy, and media law expertise. Under the supervision of experienced attorneys, students provide transactional, preventative services to clients and learn critical legal skills such as complex intellectual property analysis, contract drafting, privacy compliance, and policy analysis skills.

Skills Training for Ethical Practice and Professional Satisfaction (STEPPS)

During your second year at California Western, you'll take STEPPS. This class provides second-year students with the valuable and truly unique opportunity to develop real world legal skills they may not have the chance to explore in a traditional legal internship. All the while, you'll be learning from real legal practitioners and networking with industry and legal community leaders in San Diego.

Clinical Externship Program (CEP)

Just before graduating, students have the chance to participate in our Clinical Externship Program. As part of this program, third-year law students can receive up to 11 units of academic credit for externship work that can take place almost anywhere in the world. It is an exciting and strategic final step before graduation where students can truly begin to transition from the classroom to the court room.

Faculty Lounge

While California Western offers students many exciting hands-on learning and networking opportunities, it's important to remember that first and foremost, you're going to law school. In this session, Professor Catherine Hardee will speak with two of her recent teaching fellows in a conversation focused on the ways you can not only succeed in the law school classroom, but enjoy yourself as well. Tune in to hear all of their tips and tricks, and learn how to avoid the common pitfalls that nearly every law student experiences. 

Nationally Recognized Competitive Advocacy Program

California Western's competitive advocacy program has put us on the map as a law school that creates national champions. In this session, program director Paul Parisi will talk with two current team members about the support and training that current students receive from alumni coaches, the skills they develop and put to practice after graduation, and how you can jump on board to become one of the next national champions.

From Student to Alumni: Bringing It All Together

We'll wrap up the day with a discussion that ties it all together. Add your questions to the mix while we chat with current students and alumni about their time at California Western, the lessons they've learned about law school and the reasons why they're happy to have chosen California Western. 

Optional Sessions

Stay tuned in if you have questions about financial aid and housing in San Diego.

Financial Aid: Financial aid counselors will be on hand to present brief but helpful details about paying for law school. They'll stick around to be sure your questions are answered.

Housing in San Diego: Admissions counselors will guide you through the best practices students use when looking for housing in San Diego. Visit our Student Housing page, join the CWSL Housing Facebook Group, and for more personalized assistance, contact your admissions counselor (Audrey, Baran or Iris) for further assistance.