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Nick Aliquo, 2L

"I chose to attend California Western because of the clinical internship program and very competitive and well-awarded competition teams."

Quick Stats

Name: Nicholas Aliquo
Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts
Undergrad Degree: BA in Spanish, Political Science, and Public Relations, 2016, Syracuse University
Dream Job: VP of Legal Affairs for a network or Senior Partner at a major firm

Q & A

When did you decide to pursue a law degree?

I decided to pursue a law degree when I was about 5 years old. I loved the whole idea of helping someone who can't necessarily help his or herself.

What's the main reason you chose to attend California Western School of Law?

I chose to attend California Western because of the clinical internship program and very competitive and well-awarded competition teams.

How hard is law school? Is it more or less work than you thought?

Law school is not that hard. It’s just a lot of work. You have to be very disciplined and keep yourself on track because if you fall behind, there is no way you can catch up.

What is some of your previous professional experience? How did that experience help you decide to go to law school?

I've worked in law firms since my sophomore year of undergrad. I have worked in both entertainment and real estate law firms. It was through these experiences that I became more fascinated with the law and even found the field of law I would like to pursue (entertainment).

What academic programs have been most beneficial to you as a law student?

I have really enjoyed contracts and legal skills. Both have helped my writing tremendously and really came in handy this summer during my internship where I was a contracts intern for a major network.

What student activities do you participate in at California Western?

I am involved in Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity, APALSA, La Raza, Student Bar Association as the American Bar Association representative, and I am a Student Ambassador (aka tour guide).

What advice would you give to a new law student? What would you have done differently if given the chance?

Try everything and really put in the work. You get out of law school what you put into it. Make sure you always represent yourself in the best way possible because you never know who you are going to meet and when. Networking is very important in law school. Be sure to take a break every once in a while. You will be constantly doing work, so make sure to do something that's not law-school related to get your mind off it otherwise you will burn out. If I could do something differently it would be to go to my professors' office hours more throughout the semester to talk over the material and ask questions.

Meet Me On Campus

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