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Tuesday, January 5

CWSL Academic Policies

Presented by Hannah Brenner Johnson, Vice Dean for Academic and Student Affairs
This session will impart crucial information about CWSL’s academic policies that will help you negotiate your path through law school. You will learn about CWSL’s honor code, graduation requirements, and more.

Importance of Diversity in Law

Presented by Heather L. Johnson, J.D., M.Sc., Vice President and Consultant at Engage Learning, Inc.
In this session, we will explore intersectionality and the multi-dimensional nature of our individual diversity and the CWSL community. Through sharing, we will gain insight into the wealth of backgrounds and cultures within this entering class.

How to Succeed in Law School

Presented by Catherine Hardee, Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development and Associate Professor of Law; and Danielle Jefferis, Assistant Professor of Law (second session only)
This session will provide an overview of best practices for law students. Presented in three parts (two of which are after the virtual lunch), students will have the opportunity to learn how to adequately prepare for class, how to best make use of class time, and how to consolidate learning after class is over.

Virtual Lunch with 1L Professors

This is an open session to meet and connect with your 1L professors.

Informal Panel and Social Hour with Student Success Mentors (Optional)

In this informal session, you will meet upper-division students who will share tips and strategies for a successful first year of law school.  

Wednesday, January 6

Mindfulness Mornings (Optional)

Presented by Susan Finster, Assistant Dean of Student and Diversity Services
Start your day with 15 minutes of mindfulness practice. All are invited to experience this powerful tool for well-being, stress-reduction and balance.

Communicating Like a Lawyer

Presented by Amy E. Day , Legal Writing Professor; and Liam F. Vavasour, Legal Writing Professor
This session will introduce you to several of the different ways lawyers communicate effectively with clients, courts, opposing counsel, and others, both in writing and through speech. In the first part, you will be introduced to several of the principles and practices of effective written communication, with an emphasis on introducing you to the IRAC paradigm used by lawyers to organize their analysis, and on clarity and concision in your writing. The second part of the class will introduce you to effective oral advocacy in the law, with an emphasis on speaking effectively and professionally with classmates, teachers, colleagues, clients, and others, both in and out of class. The session will also reinforce the themes of professional identity, ethics, and civility discussed with you throughout the week.

Virtual Lunch with Student Organizations

This is an open session to meet and connect with different student groups and organizations.

1L Engagement: Your Introduction to Resilience and Success

Presented by Kiyana Kiel, Assistant Dean for Academic Achievement; Carly Sassi, Associate Director of Academic Achievement; Kathleen Bolus, Assistant Director of Academic Achievement; Cassandra Onstad, Academic Engagement and Bar Programs Coordinator; and current students
This session will provide guidance on how to effectively and efficiently manage your time and learning for classroom, as well as exam preparation. It will also provide context to your learning and a semester calendar to demonstrate a suggested timeline to engage in the skills vital to law school success, including: time management; reading and classroom preparation; content review and refinement; exam preparation; self-evaluation; grit/resourcefulness; and an introduction to learning style preferences.

Success Inside and Outside the Classroom: Well-Being, Your Professional Identity, and Preparing for Your Career

Presented by Matthew Lab, Director of Access to Law Initiative (ALI) and Professional Development; Jocelyn Salvatori, Associate Director of Career and Professional Development; and Susan Finster, Assistant Dean of Student and Diversity Services
Success in law school and the profession depends on developing the right set of tools. This interactive session will provide you with a snapshot of the legal profession and discuss a few ways you can immediately begin your career exploration and development, acting in partnership with the Career and Professional Development Office. Student & Diversity Services will introduce you to successful techniques to support your well-being while in law school and beyond, share non-academic resources, and introduce you to our dynamic student organizations.

San Diego Trivia with Student Organizations (Optional)

We invite you to join this optional open session, which will be facilitated by Liz Lechner and some of CWSL's student organizations, and feature a fun virtual trivia.

Thursday, January 7

Stay Safe: What You Need to Know at CWSL

Presented by Susan Finster, Assistant Dean of Student and Diversity Services
In this session, you will learn CWSL’s policies and procedures under CAMPUS Save (TITLE IX/VAWA) as well as resources and tips to support your well-being while a student. Soon after the session, students will complete a 90-minute online training. Both this session and the online training are mandatory.

Thinking Like a Lawyer

Presented by Allison D. Cato, Legal Writing Professor
In this session, we will discuss the different ways lawyers think about, and analyze, problems. You will be introduced to the concepts of inductive/analogical reasoning and deductive/rule based reasoning. We will then specifically focus on inductive/analogical reasoning. You will be placed into breakout rooms to participate in interactive, case based exercises. Using your inductive/analogical reasoning, you will vote on the outcome of both cases.

Small Group Discussions with Faculty Points of Contact

Prior to this session, you will receive an email informing you of who your faculty point of contact is. In this session, you will meet and have a small group discussion with your faculty point of contact.

Technology and Distance Learning Tools Training

Presented by Barbara Glennan, Associate Director, Educational Technology and Strategic Initiatives and Adjunct Professor of Law; and Daniel Starnes, Student Network Systems Manager
In this session, you will learn more about CWSL's learning management system and other distance learning tools available to students.

Faculty "Hot Topics" Presentations

Presented by CWSL faculty; moderated by Glenn C. Smith, Professor of Law
In this enlightening session, members of the CWSL faculty will discuss various topics including their research interests and current events.