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Student Ambassadors are current California Western students who help bridge the gap between life before law school and life at California Western. They come from all over the country and have a variety of interests in the practice of law. They give campus tours, speak on Preview Day and Orientation panels and help the Admissions Team recruit new students at law fairs. Most importantly, they make themselves available to those who'd like to hear a student's perspective on the law school experience. If you'd like to speak with a student ambassador, please submit your request to We're happy to introduce them to you here! 

  Katrina Craven is a third year student from Las Vegas, NV.  Katrina studied criminal justice at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas before taking off a few years to work before coming to California Western. She plans to continue into a career in criminal prosecution.  Since becoming a student here, Katrina has participated in numerous student organizations, conducted research for a professor and has held multiple internships with the City Attorney of San Diego as well as the District Attorney's office.  Contact Katrina at

  Julia Kaneshiro came to California Western from Hawaii.  She is a third year student at CWSL, and before law school she studied political science at the University of Hawaii, Manoa.  Julia came to law school immediately after completing her undergraduate degree. Julia has held numerous internships while at CWSL and plans to pursue a career in criminal law or family law.  Since coming to California Western, Julia has been very involved in a number of student organizations, including the Asian Pacific Law Student Association. Contact Julia at

  Lea Trojanowski is in her third year at California Western and has been a student ambassador since her first year here.  She attended Hofstra University as an undergrad and majored in History.  Lea took ten years off to work and travel before becoming a CWSL student.  She plans to pursue a career in civil litigation.  Lea always likes to make sure that prospective students know it is never too late to attend law school! Contact Lea at

  Taylor Schipper is a third year student at California Western.  She graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a history degree before applying to California Western.  She plans to pursue a career as a JAG for the Navy, which is a popular goal among students at CWSL. Contact Taylor at

  Heather Daiza is in her third year at California Western.  She studied Political Science and Philosophy at the University of California, Irvine before coming to CWSL.  Heather plans to pursue a career in business law or intellectual property law.  While at CWSL, she has held several internships, and has most enjoyed serving as a small group tutor through our school's Academic Achievement Office.  Contact Heather at