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Upcoming Webinars

Diversity at California Western - Tuesday July 28, 2015 12:00pm PST

California Western is proud to graduate a new and diverse class of lawyers into the legal community each year. We strive to ensure that the lawyers of today and tomorrow are representative of the communities they will serve. Tune into this webinar to hear from two current California Western students. They'll discuss diversity at California Western, how the diverse community on campus has improved their legal education, and will field viewer questions.  Register here.

Military Veterans in Law School - Wednesday August 5, 2015 11:00am PST

California Western is so proud of the many brave men and women in our community who have served our country in the military. Law school is a great option for veterans, so we will discuss the experience from the perspective of current students who are also military veterans. We'll also briefly discuss the Yellow Ribbon program, and our participants will field listener questions.  Register here.

Building a Competitive ApplicationThursday August 13, 2015 12:00pm PST

In this webinar we'll talk with the Associate Director of Admissions, Christopher Baidoo, who will discuss the various pieces of the law school application, the role each piece plays in the decision making process, and how to build the most competitive application possible. We will also field listener questions.  Register here.

New Webinar! Success at College Law School Fairs - Wednesday August 26, 2015 12:00pm PST

Have you walked by Law School or Graduate School Fairs on your campus without bothering to check them out? You'd be surprised how helpful they could be, and we're here to tell you why. 

Iris will interview our Assistant Dean of Admissions, Traci Howard. Dean Howard is a seasoned veteran of Law School Fairs and she'll discuss why attending them is both important and helpful. What questions should you ask the recruiters? Who are the recruiters? Will it make me a more memorable applicant? 

Listen live to submit your questions to Iris and Dean Howard.  Register here.

Webinar Library

The California Western Advantage

Get Ready for Law School

A.I.M. for Law presents 5 short videos to help you prepare

Applicants can access a library of valuable “how-to” sessions on perfecting your law school application, earning scholarships, getting a head start on your first day of class, and more. For students, we offer an in-depth look at many of our clinical internships and opportunities for hands-on experience, as well as advice on standing out in the competitive legal job market.

Upcoming Webinars

Webinar Library

Building a Competitive Law School Application

Associate Director of Admissions Christopher Baidoo shares tips for building a standout law school application and provides advice for common mistakes students should avoid in the application process.  You can also listen to Assistant Dean Traci Howard discuss her perspective on the law school application here.

Choosing a Law School: What to Consider

You’ve been accepted to law schools, but now where should you enroll? Hear about that decision from a group of current law students who discuss the factors that were important to them.

How to Earn a Scholarship

Law school is expensive, but scholarships are available to help you fund your education. Hear from Assistant Director of Admissions Shawnessy Westcott as she discusses the California Western Scholarship Program and which scholarships are available to admitted students. You will also hear from an alumnus as well as a current student who share what their life was like as CWSL scholarship students.

Why Law School? : What You Can Do with a J.D.

The choice to attend law school is an important and exciting one. In this webinar you will hear from two current students about why they chose to come to law school and what they plan to do with their J.D. after graduation.

Charting your Career at California Western: Where to Start

Assistant Dean of Career Services, Courtney Miklusak and Assistant Director Matthew Lab are joined by Assistant Director of Admissions Christopher Baidoo and an alum who discusses his time at California Western, the steps he took to develop himself as a future lawyer, and how he ended up finding a job after graduation. 

Living in San Diego

We think San Diego is one of the most beautiful places to live. Coming to school from far away?  Watch this webinar to learn more about living in San Diego and how to navigate the housing search.

About our January Starting Class

We offer the option to start law school in the Spring with our January Class. Hear from a group of spring start students about their choice to start school in the Spring and why it was the right option for them (and maybe for you, too!)

Prepping for Practice: Clinical Internships and Practical Opportunities

Associate Dean for Experiential Learning Linda Morton discusses our robust collection of clinics, the CWSL internship program and our wide array of practicum courses that are designed to prepare students for the practice of law. You will also hear from current students about their experiences as clinical students and interns at CWSL.

Our Summer Enrichment Program: Get a Head Start

Starting law school can be a daunting proposition. For those looking for a head start, we offer our Summer Enrichment Program, a six week course for newly admitted law students that takes place the summer before your first year! Hear from current students (and Summer Enrichment alumni) about what a positive impact the program made on their first year in law school and their transition into life as a law student.

The 1L Experience

Is the first year of law school really that difficult?  Hear from a group of current students about their transition to law school, their first year fears, and the resources they used to overcome those obstacles and achieve success.

Finding a Job in Today’s Legal Marketplace: How to Stand Out

Assistant Director of Career Services Jocelyn Salvatori talks with a current student about the legal job market and the resources provided by our Career and Professional Development office to make sure that students are as well-equipped as possible to tackle the job search. 

The California Innocence Project

The California Innocence Project (or "CIP" as it is known to us at California Western) is one of our premier legal clinics. Students have the chance to participate in the incredibly important process of criminal defense for the wrongfully accused. Professor Justin Brooks will speak to us about the program, and will be joined by student participants who will also share their experiences.

Careers in Sports Law

This webinar has multiple values - for those interested in sports law, we spoke to a recent alum who has worked for a handful of major league sports teams. For those interested taking your CWSL education to practice in the southeastern US, this is one for you too! Listen in for the chance to ask your questions and learn about how this alum got her dream job before even graduating from law school.