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Watch these brief videos to get an in-depth look at the Mediation Clinic.

Course description, including units offered, prerequisites, and hours.

To learn more about our Mediation Clinic, contact:

Professor Floralynn Einesman
(619) 525-1451

Mediate Real Cases

Through the Mediation Clinic, you will resolve real disputes with real people:

  • Mediate actual cases in Small Claims Court
  • Draft a settlement agreement with individualized feedback from a judge and professional mediator
  • Resolve differences between juveniles in a detention facility
  • Work closely with legal professionals in the community

Zag S. BassirianZag S. Bassirian ‘14

“The Mediation Clinic turned out to be one of the best and most rewarding experiences I had at California Western. You will use what you learn every day for the rest of your life. You solve actual, real life disputes between people who have no idea you are a student, and your own personal relationships will benefit from your newfound ability to break through emotional barriers. It's also a lot fun!”

Christian W. Barton ‘15Christian W. Barton ‘15

“Several classmates told me about their amazingly positive experiences participating in the Mediation Clinic, but mediation didn’t seem particularly appealing to me. After all hadn’t I come to law school to learn how to argue on behalf of my client? Still, I decided to give it a try after hearing that the clinic also afforded students the chance to mediate actual disputes in small claims court and juvenile hall. Looking back, I cannot believe I almost missed taking advantage of this unique opportunity. Little did I know that helping to resolve actual disputes would only be the figurative cherry on top, and that the real value would come from a much greater understanding of how we communicate.”

Gain Critical Lawyering Skills

Through interactive training in the classroom and the field, you will learn essential lawyering skills:

  • Active listening
  • Negotiating disputes
  • Professional ethics
  • Cultural sensitivity
  • Drafting agreements

Catherine M. McBain ‘15Catherine M. McBain ‘15

“The Clinic helped me reflect on how I understand and approach conflict. Learning how to facilitate communication between parties so that they come up with their own creative and unique solution to their dispute is inspiring. This is especially rewarding when a Small Claims Court Commissioner approves the parties' resolution for judgment! I am a more well-rounded advocate and person because of the Mediation Clinic. Firms are looking for problem solvers, not just fighters.”

Matthew C. BoomhowerMatthew C. Boomhower ‘14

“Hands down, this was the best class I took in my time at California Western. The opportunity to learn from and observe experienced mediators, coupled with the ability to immediately put those lessons to use in real world situations with real people is amazing. If you can handle a class that is going to challenge you and force you well outside your comfort zone while helping you develop a set of skills that you will be able to begin using immediately in your personal and professional life, then you should strongly consider this class. I learned so much, and the work was so rewarding, that I have never been so disappointed when a class ended.”

Certification for 50 Hours of Hands-On Training and Field Experience

Upon completion of this course, you will receive a certificate confirming that you have completed 50 hours of professional mediation training and actual mediation experience.

Additionally, you will develop connections to attorneys in practice, get to know classmates better, and gain better interpersonal skills for a more fulfilling personal and professional life.

Who Can Enroll

If you have completed ADR Competition Class, Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR), Mediation, Mediation for Lawyers, or STEPPS (both trimesters), you are eligible to take the Mediation Clinic Course.

Refer to the online course catalog for more information.