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California Western School of Law faculty comprises excellent lawyers, educators, and scholars who not only teach doctrinal foundations but also prepare students for practice. Our collaborative scholarly community produces legal scholarship that contributes to leading national discussions about the law and influences changes to our nation's legal canon.

Many CWSL faculty members have national and international reputations for excellence in numerous areas of law including business and corporate law, civil rights, constitutional law, criminal law and procedure, intellectual property law, and international and comparative law. Below are books and journal articles in these areas that were published in 2017 or are forthcoming in 2018.

William J. Aceves

Dean Steven R. Smith Professor of Law

  • “Valuing Life: A Human Rights Perspective on the Calculus of Regulation,” 36 Law & Inequality (forthcoming, 2018).
  • “The Civil Redress and Historical Memory Act of 2029: A Legislative Proposal,” 51 University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform (forthcoming, 2017).

Thomas D. Barton

Louis & Hermione Brown Professor of Law

  • “Contracting for Innovation and Innovative Contracts: An Overview and Introduction to the Special Issue,” 2 Journal of Strategic Contracting and Negotiation (with Berger-Walliser and Haapio) (forthcoming, 2017).
  • “Business-Friendly Contracting: How Simplification and Visualization Can Help Bring it to Practice,” Liquid Legal: Transforming Legal into a Business Savvy, Information Enabled and Performance Driven Industry (Jacobs, Schindler, and Strathausen, eds.) (with Haapio) (Springer, 2017).
  • “From Visualization to Legal Design: A Collaborative and Creative Process,” 54 American Business Law Journal 347 (with Berger-Walliser & Haapio) (2017).

Hannah Brenner

Assistant Professor of Law

  • “Do Sexually Victimized Female Prisoners Perceive Justice in Litigation Process and Outcomes?” 23 Psychology, Public Policy, and Law 39 (with Kubiak, Bybee, Campbell, and Goodman-Williams) (2017).
  • “Sexual Violence as an Occupational Hazard and Condition of Confinement in the Closed Institutional Systems of the Military and Detention,” 44 Pepperdine Law Review 881 (with Darcy and Kubiak) (2017).
  • “Sexual Misconduct in Prison: What Factors Affect Whether Incarcerated Women Will Report Abuses Committed by Prison Staff?” 41 Law & Human Behavior 361 (with Kubiak, Bybee, and Campbell) (2017).
  • “Shortlisted,” 24 UCLA Women’s Law Journal 67 (with Knake) (2017).
  • “Toward a Civilized System of Justice: Re-conceptualizing the Response to Sexual Violence in Higher Education,” 102 Cornell Law Review Online 127 (with Darcy) (2017).
  • Shortlisted: Women, Diversity, and the Court (with Knake) (NYU Press, forthcoming, 2019).

James M. Cooper

Professor of Law

  • “Mecanismos para la efectividad de la persecución penal de las empresas en los Estados Unidos,” Responsabilidad penal empresarial en un mundo globalizado (Thompson Reuters Chile) (forthcoming, 2017).
  • “The Continuing Challenges Posed by Intellectual Property Piracy and the Opportunities for Taiwan,” New Thoughts on the Current Issues and Future Trends of Law (Mau-Lin Shr and Pei-Fen Tsai, eds.) (Linking Publishing Company) (2017).

Barbara J. Cox

Clara Shortridge Foltz Professor of Law

  • “Time for a Change: 20 Years after the ‘Working Group’ Principles,” 66 Journal of Legal Education 531 (2017).

Tabrez Y. Ebrahim

Assistant Professor of Law

  • “3D Bioprinting Patentable Subject Matter Boundaries,” 41 Seattle University Law Review 1 (2017).

Floralynn Einesman

Professor of Law & Associate Dean for Experiential Learning

  • “Using Prior Consistent Statements to Rehabilitate Credibility or to Prove Substantive Assertions Before and After the 2014 Amendment of Federal Rule of Evidence 801(D)(1)(b),” American Journal of Trial Advocacy (forthcoming, 2017).

Jessica K. Fink

Professor of Law

  • “Gender Sidelining and the Problem of Unactionable Discrimination,” 29 Stanford Law & Policy Review (forthcoming, 2018).

Paul J. Gudel

Professor of Law

  • “Theatricality and Skepticism,” in Michael Fried and Philosophy (Abbott, ed.)(Routledge) (forthcoming, 2018).

Nancy S. Kim

Pro Flowers Distinguished Professor of Internet Studies

  • “In Re Marriage of Witten: Subordinating Contracts to ‘Public Policy’,” Florida State Law Review (within “The Best and Worst of Contracts Decisions: An Anthology”) (forthcoming, 2018).
  • “Online Contracting: Recent Developments, Survey of the Law of Cyberspace,” The Business Lawyer, Vol. 72, (Winter 2016-17).
  • “Relative Consent and Contract Law,” Nevada Law Journal (forthcoming, 2018).

Linda H. Morton

Professor of Law Emerita

  • “Exploring the Meaning of Experiential Deaning,” 67 Journal of Legal Education (with Barry, Dinerstein, Goldfarb, and Maisel) (forthcoming, 2018).

John E. Noyes

Roger J. Traynor Professor of Law Emeritus

  • International Law and International Relations (with Janis) (West Academic, 2017).
  • “The International Lawyer Turns Fifty,” 50 The International Lawyer 23 (2017).

Laura M. Padilla

Professor of Law

  • “Whoosh - Declining Law School Applications and Entering Credentials: Responding with Pivot Pedagogy,” 3 International Journal of Arts & Humanities (2017).

Joanna K. Sax

E. Donald Shapiro Professor of Law

  • “Biotechnology and Consumer Decision-Making,” 47 Seton Hall Law Review 433 (2017).
  • “Can Genetically Engineered Crops Solve Problems?,” Harvard College Review of Environment and Society (2017).
  • “Contours of GMO Regulation and Labeling,” 19 Southern Methodist University, Science & Technology Law Review 413 (2017).
  • “The GMO/GE Debate,” 4 Texas A&M Law Review 345 (2017).

Donald J. Smythe

Professor of Law & Vice Dean for Academic Affairs

  • “The Illiberty of Contract,“ 35 Quinnipiac Law Review 461 (2017).
  • “The Power to Exclude and the Power to Expel,” 66 Cleveland State Law Review (forthcoming, 2018).

Daniel B. Yeager

Justice Earl Warren Professor of Law & Associate Dean for Faculty Research

  • A First-Year Course in Criminal Law: Trials, Appeals, Theories, 2nd Ed. (Wolters Kluwer/Aspen, 2017).
  • “Decoding the Impossibility Defense,” 56 University of Louisville Law Review (forthcoming, 2018).
  • “Certain Certiorari: The Digital Privacy Rights of Probationers,” 50 Connecticut Law Review Online (forthcoming, 2017).
  • “Fiduciary-isms: Academic Influence on the Expansion of Law,” 65 Drake Law Review 179 (2017).