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Carla McEwen

Founder and Vice President, American Legal Studies & Exchange


Dr. Carla McEwen is the director and founder of the American Legal Studies and Exchange - Brazil (formerly LEEP). A native Brazilian attorney, she worked at the Law Offices Of Huston & McEwen in San Diego, California.

Dr. McEwen has a PhD in Forensic Criminal Law and together with her mentor Dr. Gail Robinson developed a unique mechanism to learn a foreign legal system in which judicial professionals can learn in their native language, and then immediately reinforce the same information in a foreign language using repetition for comprehensible input among other techniques. This method has been proven to be most dynamic by a number of psychologists and law professors.

Dr. McEwen in fluent in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and Turkish and intermediate knowledge in French and Hebrew.

On her own time, Carla is a professional Ballet Classic dancer and she attributes a big part to her professional success to dancing. "I have a great gratitude for my ballet professors who taught me to have the strictest discipline, but most importantly taught me to stand straight and smile while on my toes even when my feet were full of blisters because 'the show must always go on' ". She resides in La Jolla, California with her sons, Rafael and Scott II.