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Alumni at a commencement ceremony

The Annual Fund is California Western’s organized effort to obtain yearly gifts to support the annual operations of the school, providing a critical financial cushion between tuition revenue and the actual operating costs of the law school.

Why Your Support Is Important

Gifts to the Annual Fund help build student scholarships, faculty support, internships, and clinics and programs that provide students hands-on experience in a variety of areas while delivering needed legal services to the larger community. Additionally, support from our annual donors allows the Dean to effectively respond to the school’s immediate financial needs while providing a window for unique and important opportunities that advance California Western’s mission and legacy.

In short, your gift to the Annual Fund helps fund programs of central importance to our mission of training ethical, practice-ready lawyers, and enables our students to receive the same outstanding education their predecessors did.

Thank you to all the alumni, staff, and friends who supported our spring campaign.  We appreciate your generosity!

Anonymous '67

Anonymous '69

Anonymous '69

Anonymous '71

Charles M. Mesirow '71

Anonymous '73

Chris E. Willmon '73

Anonymous '74

Anonymous '75

The Honorable Lawrence W. Fry '75

Chris Maxwell '75

The Honorable David L. Underwood '76

Anonymous '77

Anonymous '77

Cynthia L. May '77

John F. Montoya '77

Anonymous '78

Anonymous '78

Anonymous '78

Anonymous '79

Lawrence E. Morrow '80

Anonymous '80

David I. Sheinfeld '80

Anonymous '81

Anonymous '81

Joseph A. Freedman '81

Anonymous '82

Anonymous '83

Karen A. Holmes '83

Donn-Allan G. Titus '85

Anonymous '86

P. Robert Philp, Jr. '86

Bruce E. MacDonald '87

Anonymous '88

Gary C. Faucette '88

Anonymous '90

Barbara R. Gross '92

Thomas P. Matthews '92

Anonymous '93

Michael E. Doukas '94

Todd R. Haas '97

Anonymous '97

Shari I. Weintraub '97

Anonymous '98

Anonymous '99

Tina M. Barberi '00

Adam L. Muslusky '00 and Muslusky Law

Robin E. Samit '01

Jan K. Maiden '02

Chad R. Ruyle '03

Anonymous '04

Anonymous '04

Colin Walshok '07

Leslie J. Mackay '07

Devon K. Roepcke '09

Sarah N. Garrick '10

Michael Manley '10

Susanna J. Torke '10

Parada Ornelas '10

Elizabeth  S. Gerbasi '10

Nicholas J. De Blouw '11

Ruth R. Ryan-Cruz '11

Agustin R. Pena '12

Anonymous '13

Anonymous '14

Victoria J. Lazar '14

Anthony B. Parker '14

Paige G. Stevens '14

Liam Vavasour '14 

Joseph J. Kagan '15

Erik N. Weber '15

Jordan E. Jones '16

Alexandra R. Valentine '16

Christopher J. Lee '16

Maresa N. Talbert '17

Scott L. Blumenthal '18

Rio F. Schwarting '18

John P. Rankin '19

Tyler Reddy '19

Anonymous '20

Brendan J. Hughes '20

Joseph W. Bassett '20

Julie M. Michaels

Lee and Sharon Rydlach

Veronica Schindler

We have made every effort to be accurate in our listing and apologize if any mistake or omission has been made.  Should you find an error or want to change your listing, please contact us at 619-525-1468.