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Law Champion

Think back to your time at Cal Western: Who inspired you? Who challenged you? Who made a profound impact on your law school experience? Who helped you decide what kind of lawyer (or other professional) you wanted to be? Every day these educators and staff shaped the world of your classroom through thoughtful lectures, continuous support, and the real relationships they nurtured with you.

Take a few moments to think about someone who helped shape you into the person you are today. Now, imagine if that person (and others like them) had never come to Cal Western. Your experience wouldn’t have been the same. There is a special feeling that comes from expressing your gratitude for your Cal Western experience in a tangible way—and being part of something greater than yourself.

Please consider making a gift to Cal Western in honor or memory of that person. Make your gift here, and be sure to include their name plus any message you would like in the notes section.

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"When I think of civility, integrity and professionalism, I think of Professor Gafford. Coming to Cal Western from a successful practice in Cleveland, he didn’t really teach the law as much as he taught how to practice law—how to deal with clients, with lawyers, with judges and with juries. He taught what was important in our personal and in our professional lives, because they were usually the same: Respect for others, empathy for their plight, and humility. Those qualities made him an extremely effective advocate. Many of us were fortunate to learn from him and apply those principles to our practices. Professor Gafford was a huge force in my life and the lives of countless others."

— Craig R. McClellan '76

"It’s hard to express how important Professors Janeen Kerper and Bill Lynch were to those students blessed to have had them as their law school teachers, Moot Court and Trial Advocacy coaches. They were demanding of their students in the very best sense, understanding that their mastery of the law and the advocacy skills their students learned in the classroom and Moot Courtroom would translate into success throughout their careers. They were equally devoted to their students after graduation from law school, choosing to give of their time, energy and talent to us in so many ways over the years we knew them. What I learned from them both, I committed to putting into practice in my own career, and I owe whatever success I’ve achieved to the example they set for me so many years ago. We are better attorneys, leaders, persons because of them; they represented the best our law school has to offer."

— Bruce E. MacDonald '87

"I was deeply saddened when I recently learned of Professor Bill Lynch’s passing. Professor Lynch’s Evidence class was one of my most favorite classes at California Western. I enjoyed attending his class back then, like I enjoy watching Netflix today. Professor Lynch was not only entertaining, his teaching style was extremely effective. Looking back over my 30 years of practice and over a 100 trials, over 30 of which were before a jury, I was never out-gunned by any lawyer when it came to the Rules of Evidence."

— Bradley L. Houston '90

"My second semester of 3L I took Professor Yu’s estate tax class. Professor Yu is the most animated, smart, funny, tremendous professor I’ve ever encountered. He truly loves his students and gives 110% in every class. I learned so much in his class and he helped inspire me to want to be a tax attorney. I remember one time he called on me and we were discussing a hypothetical about a grandma who passed way and dealing with her estate. He said, ‘Ms. Sheldon, are we going to slap grandma with a tax?’ We both started laughing so hard and he said, ‘Oh gosh, we don’t slap grandmas!’”

— Sarah E. Sheldon '06

"I was a student in Bill's first Torts class in August 1978. That began a 42-year friendship with Bill and Sally. They enriched my life beyond measure. I am comforted knowing they are dancing again among the stars."

— Victoria C. Gilner