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This Honor Roll of Donors recognizes alumni, faculty, staff, and friends of California Western who made qualifying contributions in 2015. Your consistent support allows California Western to provide the independent, innovative, and inspiring law school experience and training our students expect. The entire law school community thanks you for supporting the students and mission of California Western.

3L Campaign | Rising Leaders | Leland G. Stanford Circle | Juris Legatum Society | Dean's Partners | Dean's Associates | Juris Fellows | Juris Friends


The Juris Society

This society recognizes the individuals whose generous annual support maintains the core operations of the law  school and strengthens programs of central importance to our mission.

Juris Friends ($1,000 to $2,499)

Anonymous (2)

David R. Altshuler '72

William M. '81 and Nancy A. Aul

Professors Thomas D. Barton and Sharon L. Foster

Charles H. '82 and Sarah C. Beale

The Honorable A. Craig Blakey, II '79

Russell Block

Amber Lori Mary Bradshaw

The Honorable Larrie R. '68 and Kathleen R. Brainard '88

Brave New Films

Brian Malk and Nancy Heitel Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation

Patricia Burkhard

Andrew Canter

CAPA The Global Education Network

Professor Susan A. Channick '80 and Rick Billings

Gerald L. Cockrell

David and Christine Court

Brian L. Daly

Diane and Elliot Feuertstein Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation

Michael H. Eisengart '86 and Gayle M. Blatt '85

Daniel L. Essig '07

Dean Susan Garrett Finster '92 and Dan Finster

Geraldo and Scarrain Gomes Fund

Ron P. Goldman '81

Kenneth L. '71 and Patricia Greenman

Douglas M. Grodin, M.D. and Maryann Lawrence Grodin '75

Alreen Haeggquist '02

The Honorable Judith L. '75 and John L. Haller

Nasra S. and Ansar M. Haroun

Alexander Johnson

J. Randall '81 and Kathleen Jones

Kazan, McClain, Abrams, Fernandez, Lyons, Greenwood, Oberman, Satterley and Bosl Foundation

Scott M. LaFountaine '08

Doctors Robert A. Leark and Cynthia Boyd

Thomas A. Lehrer

Samuel S. Lionel

Marc M. Lipschitz

Roger L. and Darleen K. Long

Vice Admiral Bruce '87 and Karen MacDonald

Mary Ellen Mahoney

Mark P. Mandell '77 and Dawn Rose

John Martin

Chris Maxwell '75

Mitch M. '72 and Tomoe Michino

Miranda Law Group, PC

Associate Dean Linda Morton and Leonard Bole

Ambassador Thomas A. '68 and Zinetta Nassif

Nathaniel D. Davis Foundation

Jeffrey R. '80 and Tseela Newport

Paul C. and Carolyn K. Page

Anjanette Pelletier

Peter P. Cardasis Trust

Ronald M. '69 and Laurie Resch

In Memory of Nancy Lee Accornero

Brigadier General Kevin M. Sandkuhler '81

The Honorable Jerry A. '66 and Janet Jephcott Scheer

Annie Schulhof

Rick L. Schwartz '77 and Linda D. Fisher

Robert K. '75 and Kimber Scott

Howard B. and Jill M. Singer

Professor Jacquelyn H. and Doctor Robert N. Slotkin

Christopher L. Stai

Charles J. Szlenker '81

Professor Roberta K. Thyfault '84

Rikki S. Ueda '97

Robert D. Wallace

Ted Wheelock

The Honorable Howard B. and Joan C. Wiener

Doctor Peter A. Winograd

The Honorable Lawrence F. '77 and Patricia M. Winthrop

Michelle M. Wu '94


Juris Fellows ($2,500 to $4,999)

W. B. Ahern

Christina G. Bobb '08

Gayle Breitbard Klusky

Vice Dean Barbara J. Cox and Peg Habetler

Robert M. '76 and Judith J. Dowd

The Honorable Rita C. '89 and Douglas E. Federman '89

Mark S. '82 and Cindy Garber

Griswold, La Salle, Cobb, Dowd & Gin, LLP

Higgs, Fletcher & Mack LLP

Michael J. Hoisington '98

Scott J. Ingold '07

James T. Nystrom Foundation

Rachel R. James '05

R. Michael Jones '98

Regina Knoll '05

Kathryn A. Martin '05

Art Neill

Stephen T. Pelletier '03

Eberhard H. and Jessica Röhm

Charles E. '71 and Christina C. Rumbaugh

Dean Niels B. and Carla Schaumann

Joshua B. '02 and Rahil K. Swigart '03

Thomson Reuters

The Tosh Company

Wes State Lands, Inc.


Dean's Associates ($5,000 to $9,999)

American College of Bankruptcy Foundation

Gilbert C. and Pamela S. Binninger

Boomer Family Fund of the California Community Foundation

Brian Banks

Charles R. '70 and Dawn Grebing

Jeffrey D. '75 and Marie Lewin

Judith S. Levine

J. Landis and Sharon S. Martin

Marvin and Sandra Fong Family Foundation

Lauren A. Nguyen-Antczak '07 and David Antczak

North County Immigration and Citizenship Center

Doctors Erica J. Pascal '06 and Michael J. Hostetler

Procopio, Cory, Hargreaves & Savitch LLP

Sandra Ramos Lechuga


Dean's Partners ($10,000 and above)

Fred H., Jr. and Jana K. Bartlit

Roy M. '74 and Diane Bell

Han P. '74 and Meredith J. Ching

Debra Carroll and Donald Duford Family Foundation

Kenneth E. Fait '69

Fleischman Law Firm

Martha A. Gafford

Gilbert J. Martin Foundation

Jeffrey S. '68 and Johanna J. Isaacs

J.B. & Emily Van Nuys Charities

Parker Foundation

Price Philanthropies Foundation

Philip L. '77 and Judith A. Sbarbaro

RGK Foundation

Steven and Lisa Pite Family Foundation at The San Diego Foundation

Michael J. Whitton with Troutman Sanders LLP

Robert S. and Marion L. Wilson


Leland G. Stanford Circle

This society, named after the founder of California Western, recognizes lifetime giving at the highest level, comprising a select group of individuals and couples whose lifetime giving totals $100,000 or more.


Roy M. '74 and Diane Bell

Harold A. and Eileen Brown

Han P. '74 and Meredith J. Ching

Constance L. '74 and David C. Clapp

Dean E. Donald and Merle Shapiro Family Donor Advised
   Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Phoenix, Inc.

Dean Emeritus Michael H. and Carolyn Dessent

Martha A. Gafford

Frederic L. '81 and Janis Gordon

Huggy Bear, Inc.

J. Randall '81 and Kathleen Jones

Howard J. '80 and Beverly S. Silldorf

Dean Emeritus Steven R. and Lera B. Smith

Universidad Catolica de Temuco

Weingart Foundation

The Honorable Howard B. and Joan C. Wiener

William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

Robert S. and Marion L. Wilson

Sally T. Wong Avery '83

James '73 and Linda R. Ybarrondo


Juris Legatum Society

This society recognizes those who have made a planned gift to California Western School of Law. With their gift, members of the Juris Legatum Society leave behind a legacy of their generosity and commitment to California Western, making a lasting impact on the school and its students for years to come.

Professor Emeritus George N. and Martha A.  Gafford

Marlene J. and Roger A. Gaskins

Kenneth L. '71 and Patricia Greenman

Howard J. '80 and Beverly S. Silldorf

Dwight E. and Fern Stanford


Rising Leaders Society

This society recognizes loyal alumni who have graduated within the past ten years and have made gifts to the law school in three consecutive years. These future leaders of California Western support the law school above and beyond the value of their gifts by inspiring a culture of giving amongst their peers.

Alissa L. Bjerkhoel '08

Daniel L. Essig '07

Lindsay A. Herf '08

Carina M. Jordan '14

David B. Kirschner '05

Drew A. '09 and Eva M. Lautemann '09

Alexa Leibl '15

Audrey A. McGinn '10

Doctors Erica J. Pascal '06 and Michael J. Hostetler

Matthew P. and Brannen Reinhart '07

Alex W. Sachs '05

Angela H. Santamaria '11

Edwin N. Schwartz '13

Michael A. Semanchik '10

Shaun A. Spalding '11

Patricia L. Zlaket '09


2015 3L Campaign Contributors

By contributing to the 3L Campaign, these students left a lasting mark on California Western, and a legacy of success and public service by which the Class of 2015 will be remembered.

Rosa I. Acevedo

Olesya O. Adams 

Omid J. Afati

Jeannie Alfaro

Celene J. Alfaro Garcia

Abdulrahman A. Alhassan

Katherine R. Aul

Noura Bariche

Justin A. Behravesh

Michael D. Brenn

Fatima G. Brizuela-Ciani

Stephanie M. Caloca

Alexandra Crusis

Micaela De La Cerda

Angelika N. Dimopoulos

Hang T. Do

Jordan B. Du Bois

Jennifer R. Ellenbeck

Rachel M. Ferguson

Ernestine C. Fodge

Tania G. Fonseca Mendoza

Benjamin J. Grueschow

Paul H. Guillory, III

Shauna C. Guner

Giuliana M. Herrera-Rambla

Mallory Holt

Brock T. Irish

Travis W. Kohler

Nicholas Kritikos

Kaitlynn C. Leier

Adam B. Levine

Patricia G. Mejia

Olivia J. Miner

Francelle Moreno Fernandez

Erika G. Orjales

Stephanie R. Phillips

Robert Radulescu

Cynthia Rodriguez Rosales

Jacquelyn M. Roof

Chiharu G. Sekino

Heng G. Shi

Veronica E. Smith

Ramesses S. Surban

Tonya A. Timmersman

Cindy P. Wong

Lianlian Wu

Ashley Yosuico


Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of these lists. If you find an error or omission, please accept our apologies and report it to us by calling 619-515-1548.