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This honor roll recognizes alumni, faculty, staff, and friends of California Western who made qualifying contributions in 2017. Their consistent support allows California Western to provide the independent, innovative, and inspiring law school experience and training our students expect. The entire law school community thanks them for supporting the students and mission of California Western.


The Juris Society

This society recognizes the individuals and organizations whose generous annual support maintains the core operations of the law school and strengthens programs of central importance to our mission.


Deanʼs Partners ($10,000 or more)

  • Roy M. ’74 and Diane Bell
  • Gilbert C. and Pamela S. Binninger
  • Han P. ’74 and Meredith J. Ching
  • Professor Emeritus Barbara J. Cox and Peg A. Habetler
  • David C. and Nancy B. Doyle
  • Kenneth E. Fait ’69
  • The Honorable Rita C. ’89 and Douglas E. Federman ’89
  • Denise Foderaro and Frank Quattrone
  • Charles R. Grebing ’70 and Dawn DuCharme
  • Hyde & Swigart
  • Jeffrey S. ’68 and Johanna J. Isaacs
  • J. Randall ’81 and Kathleen Jones
  • Abbas A. Kazerounian ’07
  • Stephen M. Marcus and Carol Augustyniak
  • Gilbert J. Martin Foundation
  • Enrique Pineyro
  • Steven and Lisa Pite Family Foundation at the San Diego Foundation
  • Price Philanthropies Foundation
  • Steve K. Russell ’87
  • Professor Jan and Gail Satter Stiglitz
  • Joshua B. ’02 and Rahil K. Swigart ’03
  • Michael J. Whitton and Troutman Sanders LLP
  • Robert S. and Marion L. Wilson


Deanʼs Associates ($5,000 to $9,999)

  • American College of Bankruptcy Foundation
  • Antonyan Miranda LLP
  • Association of Business Trial Lawyers
  • Michael H. Eisengart ’86 and Gayle M. Blatt ’85
  • Richard E. Brooks
  • Coastal Community Foundation
  • Llewellyna Cornelius
  • Debra Carroll and Donald Duford Family Foundation
  • Martha A. Gafford
  • Renita Greenberg
  • Marcia Hart Swanson and Tim Swanson
  • Gary H. Hunt
  • Jeffrey D. ’75 and Marie Lewin
  • Taino Lopez
  • The JP Martin Foundation
  • Drs. Erica J. Pascal ’06 and Michael J. Hostetler
  • Procopio, Cory, Hargreaves & Savitch LLP
  • Eberhard H. and Jessica Röhm
  • San Diego County Bar Foundation
  • Robert K. ’75 and Kimber Scott
  • Dean Emeritus Steven R. and Lera B. Smith
  • Universidad De Los Andes
  • Kenny Zhang


Juris Fellows ($2,500 to $4,999)

  • W. B. Ahern
  • Amy Baer
  • Cooley LLP
  • DLA Piper LLP
  • Robert M. ’76 and Judith J. Dowd
  • Patrick Gogerchin
  • Griswold, La Salle, Cobb, Dowd & Gin, LLP
  • Alreen Haeggquist ’02
  • Higgs, Fletcher & Mack LLP
  • Hung Wo & Elizabeth Lau Ching Foundation
  • Robert L. Hyde ’02
  • Frances Johnson
  • Latham & Watkins, LLP
  • Alyssa S. Levine and Gabriel Z. Mass
  • Mark P. Mandell ’77 and Dawn Rose
  • Jeffrey R. ’80 and Tseela Newport
  • James T. Nystrom ’73
  • Dean Niels B. and Carla Schaumann
  • Thomas Turner
  • Universidad Novus Hominem
  • Michael J. Whitton


Juris Friends ($1,000 to $2,499)

  • William J. and Seema Aceves
  • Phyllis Annett
  • Ann Banning
  • Professors Thomas D. Barton and Sharon L. Foster
  • Todd Bermensolo
  • Russell Block
  • Ronald and Krista Bonaguidi
  • The Honorable Larrie R. ’68 and Kathleen R. Brainard ’88
  • Steven M. Bronson ’06
  • Robert Case
  • Casey, Gerry, Schenk, Francavilla, Blatt & Penfield, LLP
  • Andrea Ceja
  • David and Christine Court
  • Susan Denenholz
  • Domenica Difronzo
  • Michael H. Eisengart ’86
  • Daniel L. Essig ’07
  • Thomas P. Frerichs ’90
  • Mark S. ’82 and Cindy Garber
  • Nancy Goldthwaite
  • Timothy Goldthwaite
  • Geraldo Gomes
  • Frederic L. ’81 and Janis Gordon
  • Kenneth L. ’71 and Patricia Greenman
  • The Honorable Judith L. ’75 and John L. Haller
  • Nasra S. and Ansar M. Haroun
  • Allison Holdorff Polhill
  • Al Hopkinson
  • Jackie Hopkinson
  • James and Karen Houghton
  • Imran M. and Aniqa Jaswal
  • J. Randall ’81 and Kathleen Jones
  • Thomas A. Lehrer
  • Monica Levinson
  • Roger L. and Darleen K. Long
  • Vice Admiral Bruce ’87 and Karen MacDonald
  • Mary Ellen Mahoney
  • Chris Maxwell ’75
  • Mitch M. ’72 and Tomoe Michino
  • The Montage Foundation
  • The Honorable Nancy C. Oesterle ’81
  • Paul C. and Carolyn K. Page
  • Anjanette Pelletier
  • Perkins Coie Foundation
  • Renee J. Roberts
  • Brigadier General Kevin M. Sandkuhler ’81
  • Janine Sarti
  • Rick L. Schwartz ’77 and Linda D. Fisher
  • Sarah Sloviter
  • Jay H. Sorensen, III ’74
  • Dr. Suresh Subramani
  • Professor Roberta K. Thyfault ’84
  • Glenn Walker
  • The Honorable Howard B. and Joan C. Wiener
  • Dennis and Maryann Wilson
  • Dr. Peter A. Winograd
  • Michelle M. Wu ’94


Lifetime Societies

The giving societies at California Western School of Law have been established to recognize the tremendous loyalty and generosity our supporters have expressed through their philanthropic giving. Society members are a distinguished part of the California Western community whose gifts demonstrate their ongoing commitment to our mission.


Leland G. Stanford Circle

This society, named after the founder of California Western, recognizes lifetime giving at the highest level, comprising a select group of individuals who have given and/or facilitated gifts totaling $100,000 or more.

  • Anonymous
  • William J. Bauer ʼ64*
  • Roy M. ʼ74 and Diane Bell
  • Harold A. and Eileen Brown
  • Louis* and Hermione Brown*
  • Roberta L. Caravelli*
  • Han P. ʼ74 and Meredith J. Ching
  • Constance L. ʼ74 and David C. Clapp
  • Dean Emeritus Michael H. and Carolyn Dessent
  • Martha A. and Professor George N. Gafford*
  • Marlene J.* and Roger A. Gaskins*
  • Frederic L. ʼ81 and Janis Gordon
  • Gordon & Holmes
  • William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
  • Rhonda J. Holmes
  • Huggy Bear, Inc.
  • Robert L. Hyde ’02
  • Hyde & Swigart
  • Jeffrey S. ʼ68 and Johanna J. Isaacs
  • J. Randall ʼ81 and Kathleen Jones
  • Abbas A. Kazerounian ’07
  • Dana Strine and James P. OʼNeil ʼ73*
  • Price Philanthropies Foundation
  • Donald and Merle M. Shapiro and the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Phoenix, Inc.
  • Anna Simon
  • Dean Emeritus Steven R. and Lera B. Smith
  • Dwight E.* and Fern Stanford*
  • Professor Jan and Gail Satter Stiglitz
  • Joshua B. ʼ02 and Rahil K. Swigart ʼ03
  • Universidad Catolica de Temuco
  • Ralph E. Thompson*
  • Weingart Foundation
  • The Honorable Howard B. and Joan C. Wiener
  • Robert S. and Marion L. Wilson
  • Sally T. Wong-Avery ʼ83
  • James ʼ73 and Linda R. Ybarrondo


Juris Legatum Society

This society recognizes those who have made a planned gift to California Western. With their gift, members of the Juris Legatum Society leave behind a legacy of their generosity and commitment to California Western, making a lasting impact on the school and its students for years to come.

  • Patricia Dwinnell Butler*
  • Dean Emeritus Michael H. and Carolyn Dessent
  • Martha A. and Professor George N. Gafford*
  • Marlene J.* and Roger A. Gaskins*
  • Kenneth L. ʼ71 and Patricia Greenman
  • William Richards
  • Howard J. ʼ80 and Beverly S. Silldorf
  • Dwight E.* and Fern Stanford*

Rising Leaders

Rising Leaders Society

This society recognizes loyal alumni who have graduated within the past ten years and have made gifts to the law school in three consecutive years. These future leaders of California Western support the law school above and beyond the value of their gifts by inspiring a culture of giving amongst their peers.

  • Lance D. Banks ’08
  • Zagros S. Bassirian ’14
  • Craig S. Benner ’12 and Vanessa C. Gerard Benner ’12
  • Alissa L. Bjerkhoel ’08
  • Elizabeth G. ’09 and Jim Blust
  • Nicole E. Boros ’08
  • Robert Case ’16
  • Ryan M. Cohen ’08
  • Raquel Cohen ’09
  • Gerissa S. ’09 and Jason Conforti
  • Kevin M. Davis ’08
  • Scott M. LaFountaine ’08
  • Adam B. Levine ’15
  • Michael Manley ’10
  • Nereida Melgarejo ’13
  • Mary Naoom ’15
  • Aaron M. Olsen ’08
  • Jenna M. Rangel ’10
  • Ruth R. Ryan-Cruz ’11
  • Edwin N. Schwartz ’13
  • Spencer S. Scott ’14
  • Shaun A. Spalding ’11
  • Ashley D. Stecher ’14
  • Jihan S. Yacoub ’11
  • Patricia L. Zlaket ’09

3L Contributors

By contributing in their 3L year, these students set an example of giving back before venturing into the world beyond California Western. We are grateful for their generous support.

  • Anthony Battaglia ’17
  • Michael Brown ’17
  • Juan Larios ’17
  • Addie Stone ’17
  • Rosalinda Torres ’17
  • Daniel Turek ’17




Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of these lists. If you find an error or omission, please accept our apologies and report it to us by calling (619) 515-1548.