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NFL General Counsel Cassie Sadowitz ’12 Epitomizes the #MillennialGC

Cassie Sadowitz '12 (right)

In just five years, California Western School of Law alumna Cassie Sadowitz '12 leapt from interning at the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim baseball team, to working as an associate counsel at the NFL's Tampa Bay Buccaneers, to landing a job as general counsel at the Jacksonville Jaguars. According to a recent piece on, Sadowitz embodies a new breed of general counsel, the self-proclaimed "Millennial GC."

Sadowitz's career trajectory may not be traditional, but it is becoming more common among young attorneys. A 2017 Association of Corporate Counsel survey identified that 30 percent of in-house lawyers who are millennials—those born between 1981 and 1997—did not have previous experience at a law firm.

"Typically when people ask about my role and I relay that I'm the team's general counsel, the reaction I get is a look of confusion and a response along the lines of, 'But how? You're so young,'" Sadowitz says.

Despite the stereotypes, Sadowitz and Jaguars' other two in-house lawyers—a chief legal officer and an associate GC who are also millennials—embrace their age as an asset. She says that the trio bring a lot of what's considered "millennial" thinking to their work, which has been helpful for the team. They value ideals like transparency, social responsibility, and flexibility in the Jaguars' organization.

"There is a general perception if youre in-house counsel or you're a lawyer for a larger company, you should be in your 50s sitting behind a wooden desk with all your law books on the shelf," Sadowitz says. "That's just not who we are."

Sadowitz and her colleagues thoroughly embrace one of the more recognizable symbols of their generation: the hashtag. "We jokingly called ourselves #MillennialGCs and it stuck," she says. "Using the hashtag is an easy way to archive our [activities] and showcase that the landscape of in-house lawyers is dynamic and evolving in today's age."

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