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Tackling the NFL Ratings Decline

Arvin Patel

The NFL season got off to a rocky start for the second year in a row, writes California Western alum, Arvin Patel ‘99, TiVo’s Executive Vice President and Chief Intellectual Property Officer in a recent op-ed in Found Remote.

Ratings for the first game of the 2018 season between the Philadelphia Eagles and Atlanta Falcons fell more than 8 percent year-over-year according to Nielsen, writes Patel. A lot of ink has been spilled on why the NFL continues to experience a steady drop in viewership. From the quality of the games being played to concussions to player protests during the national anthem, there’s been no shortage of reasons as to why one of the country’s most popular sports is facing arguably it’s biggest existential crises in years.

So, what can the NFL and media companies do to protect the shield as NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell likes to say? For starters, they can focus on the consumer experience. With more choices for consumers, media companies and the NFL are in a fight to cut through the clutter and grab the attention of fans. Burnishing existing technologies and developing new and innovative solutions will help meet these new challenges.

As content consumption behaviors continue to evolve in today’s highly fragmented media landscape, media companies and the NFL need to harness technology to improve the quality of viewing and content experiences.

Technology can help level the playing field in today’s highly competitive and uncertain marketplace where the battle for consumer attention will be fought both on and off the field, concludes Patel. Will it have a Cinderella-like ending? I’d bet on it.

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