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Hyperlink Gamechanger

Dennis Temko

“I don’t know how I lived without it.”

There are not many newly launched apps that receive this kind of citation, but Andrew Botros, a Partner at Bickford Blado & Botros, was unequivocal in his praise for HyperCite™, a new web-based application designed for appellate attorneys.

“Prior to the official launch, I had been using this software for appellate briefs as one of the beta testers,” said Botros. “It certainly made my life a lot easier.”

Created by appellate attorney Dennis Temko ’12 and computer engineer Adam Shovav, HyperCite™ is set to revolutionize the submission of appellate briefs by turning record citations into active hyperlinks that can send a reader straight to the cited pages within a record.

“As a San Diego appellate attorney, myself, I know how beneficial it can be to submit a linked brief,” says Temko. “I realized there was a need for software that combines briefs with the appellate record, which led me to partner with Adam to create HyperCite™.”

Temko first became interested in appellate law during his time at California Western and has been practicing as an appellate attorney since graduation.

“What motivated me to focus on appeals were the two internships I participated in while at Cal Western and my legal writing course,” says Temko. “The first was with the San Diego Office of the Public Defender, and the second was with San Diego County Counsel in the Juvenile Dependency Division. I had the opportunity to write appellate briefs, and the research and writing was an incredibly positive experience for me.”

After seven years as a practicing appellate attorney, Temko was well-versed in the skill of combing trial records for error, construing well-honed written legal arguments, and following the sometimes arcane rules and protocol of appellate procedure.

He knew how beneficial it was to submit a linked brief but at the same time knew that appellate documents usually have 10 record citations per page, and vendors typically charge thousands of dollars to link a 60-page opening brief plus 30-page reply.

“Should these services remain the status quo, the Court of Appeal will never realize hyperlinked briefs on a large scale,” says Temko. “This was one of the reasons we created HyperCite™ as it accomplishes linking automatically with intelligent software which will bring the price point closer to a nominal cost to create a hyperlinked brief based upon Judicial Council filing volume statistics.”

Right now, the cost to use HyperCite™ is free. All the creators ask in return is that the users provide feedback on their experience.

“We believe that HyperCite™ is a gamechanger for appellate litigation,” says Temko. “That’s why we are currently offering HyperCite™ as a free service. We want attorneys, judicial officers, and all other parties to fall in love with what we have created without any barrier to entry.”

Looking to the future, Temko sees deploying HyperCite™ in the Superior Courts and also developing a version that could be used by law students.

“Until now, hyperlinking has been a reality for only those litigants with almost inexhaustible resources,” says Temko.

“HyperCite™ will change that reality and allow everyone to reap the benefits hyperlinking has to offer.”

To learn more about HyperCite™, click here.