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Big Law. Exceptional Opportunity

Antony Lam

Being offered a job straight out of law school by the world’s largest law firm is something that most law students only dream about.

For California Western 2020 graduate Antony Lam it is a reality.

This summer, Lam will be relocating to Germany to join the corporate team at Dentons Munich. He will be advising German businesses seeking to invest in the U.S., for example, through mergers or joint ventures.

“To me, it’s not just the opportunity to work abroad, but it’s the opportunity to work with different people from all walks of life,” says Lam. “Because I’ll be working on transnational and cross-border deals, I’ll be working daily with lawyers, clients, and businesspeople from a plethora of different countries regardless of my physical location.”

Lam describes how the opportunity arose in three words. “Networking. Networking. Networking.”

“Doing well in school is half the battle; the other half is putting yourself out there because really, you’ll never know who you’ll meet. I knew my goals and strengths and relentlessly networked to sell myself.”

This habit eventually led Lam to a phone interview with a partner from Dentons Munich, who was looking for a 2L student for the 2019 summer position.

“He hired me within two weeks of interviewing me,” says Lam. “And now, not only is he my boss, but he has become a great mentor and friend to me.”

Lam’s hard work and output during this internship made such an impression on Dentons that they asked him to recommend other California Western students for their 2020 2L position. He reached out through multiple channels at Cal Western to find the most fitting candidates for the office environment at Dentons.

“They ultimately picked a Cal Western student, I’m proud to report,” says Lam. “I have no doubt that the chosen student will perform brilliantly.”

Lam singles out Legal Skills and the STEPPS Program as being especially helpful to him in becoming practice-ready, acknowledging that without the skills and practice to apply the theory, it is difficult to be successful.

“That is why Cal Western is such a gem in producing practice-ready graduates,” adds Lam.

The strength of California Western’s faculty was also a huge factor in preparing him to succeed and set out on an international career with a big law firm.

“I want to give a big shout out to Professors Joanna Sax, Ruth Hargrove, Catherine Hardee, James Cooper, Donald Smythe, and Adjunct Attorney Vickie Turner,” says Lam. “They were all instrumental in my legal education and gave me the necessary tools to excel in law.”

As Antony Lam enters the next stage of his legal journey, his advice to students is that once they are prepared for success, it's then down to their initiative to tell the world why they are always the better hire.

“I am extremely grateful to my friends at Dentons for giving me the opportunity and trusting in my word to hire a second Cal Western student,” says Lam.

“If I was able to get a hiring manager from any large firm to interview and hire a Cal Western student, then I can look back at my recently-finished law school career and know I’ve done something right.”