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Welcome to the New Record-breaking Maestría Class

Maestría New Class

The California Western Latin American Institute of Law and Justice (ILDJ) incoming Maestría en Derecho con Especialización en Litigación Oral (Spanish-language LL.M.) program has set a new admissions record welcoming 111 students on campus this week.

The class represents students from 11 Latin American countries, including—for the first time—Honduras and Guatemala.

The Maestría en Derecho is an online academic program for licensed attorneys, taught entirely in Spanish, designed for students to develop as successful professionals practicing in the new judicial models throughout Latin America.

“I'm so proud of the work we are doing in Latin America,” says Professor Justin Brooks, Director ILDJ. “The 111 students we have in this year's Maestría class will go on to be leaders in their countries as Latin America continues to transform toward an American-style trial system. This work goes beyond traditional education. We are changing justice systems and changing lives.”

The opportunity to earn a law degree in Spanish from an American law school is unique to California Western, and Maestría is one of four programs offered by the ILDJ. The other three programs are ACCESO Capacitación, the Mexican Moot Court Program, and RED lnocente.

“At the Instituto Latinoamericano de Derecho y Justicia we are committed to providing our students with the highest quality of education and contributing to reform in Latin America,” says Karen Sigmond, Associate Director ILDJ. “Each one of our students represents the opportunity to build bridges with other cultures and legal systems.”

For more information on Maestría en Derecho con Especialización en Litigación Oral, please click here.