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Professor Nancy Kim Featured on Marketplace Tech Podcast to Discuss Causes of Equifax Data Breach

Professor Nancy S. Kim

"The reason is this: There's no blood. It would be one thing if we checked our bank accounts and they were all empty. But next year, I might be affected. Twenty years from now, my kids might be affected. We don't know."

So says Nancy S. Kim, professor of internet studies at California Western School of Law, on why the general public is seemingly unconcerned about the recent Equifax security breach that involved nearly half of all Americans' data. Kim lent her expertise to the Marketplace Tech podcast, on an episode that examines how lax security and privacy laws were to blame for the hack.

While Kim believes that a surge in the regularity of data breach scandals contributes to the public's relative nonchalance when attacks are reported, she points to the nature of a data hack as the real reason people aren't worrying. In other words, a data breach's effect doesn't work like a tornado's—one doesn't suffer its damages immediately.

Kim also points out that security flaws leading to issues like the Equifax leak could have been prevented if lawmakers were more pointed with privacy laws, and companies were more vigilant with their software while being transparent about what information consumers give away when they sign a contract.

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