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Prof. Nancy Kim on Why Facebook Data Use Payouts Won’t Work

Professor Nancy S. Kim

It is unlikely Europeans will be compensated from Facebook following the Cambridge Analytica data fiasco, reports

Explaining why data use payments won’t work, California Western School of Law’s Professor Nancy Kim told engadget, “You can't control data. It's not like I give you something tangible and I say every time you rent that tangible thing out, you give me a royalty, a certain payment."

The idea of royalty payouts for data use has floated around for a bit, the report continues. But unlike the US, Cambridge Analytica didn't sell information on EU users and as a result, there won't be a payout to the 2.7 million users whose accounts were affected.

The biggest challenge, Kim said would be finding a comprehensible way to track your data and all the parties that have it, even if you're getting paid for it. "Then you would have to depend on the company being completely transparent with you, which, again, this is one of the issues we're in right now," Kim added.

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