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Prof. James Cooper Makes the Case for Rebranding the Term “Hackers”


For too long now the term “hacker” has had a negative connotation, writes Prof. James Cooper in a recent op-ed for Cointime. The term has implied code breakers working for, or in cahoots with, foreign intelligence agencies, individuals stealing corporate data including intellectual property, and in extreme cases meddling in the democratic process of other countries.

However, according to Prof. Cooper, the time has come for the term “hacking” to be rebranded.

Hacking can be a good thing, he writes. In short, hackers are helping to make business more efficient, renegotiate the social contract, extend mechanisms for people to be connected to one another, and expand the use of the internet into a true peer-to-peer network based on mutual trust, shared respect, and community self-interest.

Hackers are actually a group of inspired technicians from around the globe, concludes Prof. Cooper, forging the internet 3.0 to assist the world in solving major problems and improving everyone’s economic future as business becomes transnational, efficient, transparent, and sustainable.

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