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Justin Brooks adds weight to prove innocence of Argentinian man

Justin Brooks

Recently, Justin Brooks, director of the California Innocence Project traveled to Argentina to investigate a case where two young, French, female tourists were murdered in a national park while backpacking.

Brooks was in Salta and visited Santos Clemente Vera, one of those convicted of the murders. Vera is currently being held in Villas Las Rosas prison. Brooks was accompanied by Vera’s lawyer, Manuel Garrido, filmmaker Enrique Pineyro and the Innocence Project team from Argentina. They also visited the scene of the crime and Vera’s family.

Speaking with La Gaceta, Brooks said, “It is a very interesting case because there is no strong evidence of guilt. There is no preservation of evidence and DNA tests. Nor is there anything connecting Vera to the crime.”

Brooks stated that he felt it very cruel that Vera was declared innocent, freed and then taken back to jail. He raised concerns with the way the evidence was handled in the case and the need for DNA testing. He called for further analysis of all the evidence.

After visiting Vera in prison, Brooks said, “I meet with incarcerated people. Eye to eye. It is important for me to see the reaction of men when we talk about the case at hand and for me Vera has a lot of credibility. It is very clear, he speaks like an innocent man.”

With the sponsorship of the Argentina Innocence Project, Vera’s defense has filed an appeal to the Supreme Court of Justice of Argentina but as yet has had no response.

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