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Prof. Glenn Smith Talks to KUSI on Kavanaugh Hearings

Prof. Glenn Smith

After a day of dramatic testimony and emotional exchanges at Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s hearing, California Western’s Prof. Glenn Smith shared his thoughts on the nomination process on KUSI’s Good Morning San Diego show.

Asked what he would expect to see going forward Prof Smith said, “It appears, barring something unimaginable, that the Senate Judiciary Committee will vote along strict party lines and send this to the full Senate where all eyes will now be on the two remaining undecided Republican senators in terms on how they will react to this.”

On seeing Judge Kavanaugh give his impassioned description on what happened to him, Prof Smith said, “I was absolutely astounded by that. I have never seen such an intemperate performance. I am trying to imagine him being in a Supreme Court case conference with the nine Justices dealing with some very volatile and controversial issues and how that would happen.”

Prof Smith said that for him the hearing did not resolve much about the ultimate question as to who did what but rather it raised questions for him about whether Kavanaugh has the judicial temperament to be on the high court.

“We do need to keep a modicum of concern about legal issues and the standard,” said Prof. Smith. “I would err on the side of caution and not bring somebody to the court under this kind of cloud as I don’t think it serves Judge Kavanaugh or serves the institution.”

“At least if I had a sense that the senators were focused on the impact on the court, which is for me the big issue,” concluded Prof. Smith. “I would feel better about whatever the outcome was.”

Watch the full interview here: