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Thanksgiving Reception Makes Students Feel at Home

Students enjoying the Thanksgiving feast

California Western’s annual Thanksgiving reception for students the evening of November 21 was a feast to behold. In fact, the line stretched from the door of the Roy Bell Reading Room all the way down to the landing between the first and second floors! But the line moved really fast and more than 240 students were served.

“I think it’s a wonderful event,” 1L William Edwards said over a plate filled with turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green beans, and other delectable food served by faculty and staff members. “We have a lot to be thankful for. Great friends, and a great school.”

The event was organized and presented by the law school’s Student & Diversity Services office, and Dean Niels Schaumann addressed the group, saying, “All of us know are very fortunate to be able to be here on a night like this. Let us all observe a moment of silence express our gratitude for our fortunate circumstances. “Dean Schaumann shared a table with a group of students.

“I really like this event because coming from the East Coast and being here for the first time it’s nice to have a sense of community and kind of de-stress from all the 1L pressures,” according to Lauren-Nicole Carter of Maryland. “Especially getting close to finals, it’s really nice to have the support of the faculty, and the staff care so much about us that they give us a kind of outlet to bond and to meet people.”

Carter shared a table with 2L Morgan Duffy-Kiszka, who felt the timing could not have been better. “I think it’s wonderful” she said. “It’s a great release this time of year to come and get good food and meet other students who are in your class and in your school.”

"I think it’s pretty awesome,” 1L Jacob Holland said. “We get to hang out with teachers that aren’t in our section and share a meal with them.”

And…last but not least, “Donna’s [of Donna's Coffee Cart] bread pudding is amazing,” said 1L Sara Reeb.