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Student Organization Recruiting Drive Generates Many New Members

Students sign up for MELSA

One of the great things about California Western’s student organizations is that all of them are open to everyone. The organizations were quite happy with the number of students signing up at their fall recruiting drive in the lobby of the 350 classroom building.

“It’s a great turnout this year and we just want to let the new students know that we're here to help them,” says 2L Ali Hosseini, the treasurer of MELSA, the Middle Eastern Law Students Association. “One of the great benefits of MELSA is our mentorship. The senior members of our organization have no problem being called or texted to help support a member.”

California Western has more than 30 student organizations representing the rich diversity of students and interests on campus. The organizations offer many benefits beyond uniting students with similar interests and backgrounds. Many of the groups not only specialize in certain areas of the law, but help further issues and causes. All of them offer excellent networking opportunities and many are part of national organizations.

If the environment is your passion, then the Environmental Law Society might be for you. Or if you are interested in women’s rights, then the Women’s Law Caucus would be a great organization to join. The list goes on.

“We have the most sign-ups that BLSA has ever had,” says 2L Maresa Martin, secretary of the Black Law Students Association. “So this is going to be an exciting and very inspiring year.”

Third-year student Marisol Ornelas, president of the La Raza Law Student Association, is also pleased with the number of students who signed up. “We outreach a lot to the 1Ls so they have a lot of academic support,” says Ornelas. “There’s always someone they can go to when they need any help with their studies—or other issues.”

“A lot of the 1Ls have been interested and we’ve got a lot of LL.M. students for this fall,” says 2L Logan Fennacy, president of Phi Alpha Delta, an international law fraternity. “We focus on communication and networking and how to survive law school. We are a great support group.”

“We are encouraged to see so much interest in the student organizations this fall,” said Susan Finster, assistant dean of Student and Diversity Services. “These organizations play a major role in the lives of our law students, and offer social outlets as well as career advancement opportunities.”

For more information about California Western’s student organizations, visit their homepage.