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New Media Rights Helps Secure Important Exemptions at U.S. Copyright Office

New Media Rights at the 2015 Anti-Circumvention Hearings

Every three years, the United States Copyright Office considers exemptions to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act's Anti-Circumvention provisions—exemptions which are critical to protecting otherwise legal activity by Internet users and independent creators. Areas affected include the reuse of video content for educational or documentary purposes, and 'jailbreaking' of smartphones and tablets that allows users to install the software of their choice on their devices.

New Media Rights provided comments and testimony to this proceeding throughout 2015, and are proud to announce that many of the exemptions were granted by the Copyright Office in October 2015.

3L Patrick McManus, 2L Emory Roane, and Executive Director Art Neill were part of the team that made the exemptions a reality.

"New Media Rights is a unique opportunity for California Western students," says Roane. "Just a few weeks into my internship, I could send friends and family a direct link to a formal filing with my name on it—arguing for expanded free speech protections."

Regarding his contribution to the victory, McManus says that "It was fantastic to show up as a 2L and work on such an important policy project that will have a positive, direct impact on artists and creators."

Students successfully reforming the law
Neill credits McManus and Roane with their tremendous work on behalf of Internet users and creators. "At New Media Rights, we make sure students are prepared to be complete practitioners. Students not only learn to advise individual clients, but they get a chance help shape and improve laws and regulation," Neill says. Pat and Emory have secured a big win for artists and consumers, but also for their careers."

Stay tuned
Look for part two of this story soon, where we'll explain how New Media Rights is setting out to reform the entire Anti-circumvention process.

For more
Click to view the Copyright Office's final rule, and recommendation that repeatedly cites New Media Rights' comments and testimony.