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Student reveals what life is like externing for a major NFL franchise

Brian Hughes

“There are no typical workdays in this business!”

So says Brian Hughes, a third-year student at California Western as he reveals what life is like externing for a major NFL franchise.

“My schedule is less hectic as an extern, but the day to day operations constantly shift to handle any important items that can appear.” he continues.

Hughes is in the process of completing a 13-week externship at the Jacksonville Jaguars in Florida, and he loves every minute of it. “This externship has been such an incredible experience,” says Hughes.
“I came to law school after working two years as a full-time college coach, not knowing what type of law I wanted to practice. I have not only gained exposure to a variety of types of law, but I have also been able to merge my love of sports with my career.”

These much-prized externships organized by the Clinical Externship Program at California Western give third-year students the opportunity to earn academic credit for legal work as well as practical experience in real time legal environments.

Surprisingly to Hughes he has done very little on the football side of the business. “I have done everything from sponsorship contracts to updating policies for internal investigations,” he reveals.  “My job is much like that of an in-house counsel, but with the perk of working at an NFL stadium every day.”

According to Hughes, this externship has opened his eyes to the legal side of the world of professional sports, potentially opening up a possible career path.

“I had never thought about a career in sports until now, and I would pursue it if the right opportunity presented itself,” says Hughes.

Hughes believes this experience has been invaluable and one that a student cannot learn in the lecture room.

“My advice to other students would be to get as much variety in your externships as possible,” he says. “These different experiences have forced me to expand the way I think, act, and write in the legal setting.”

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