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Persistence Pays Off for CWSL Student

Tyler Reddy

Living in downtown San Diego, California Western 3L Tyler Reddy walks past the Procopio building every day.

Each time he passes the imposing tower that fills an entire block, Reddy is reminded of his determination to work or intern at this prestigious law firm.

“I did some research and realized that they had a sport and active lifestyle group,” says Reddy. “This is a practice area that fits my specific background perfectly and what I am looking for in the future.”

Reddy began writing to Procopio partners who practiced in that group. Ultimately, his persistence paid off when he received a call from one of the partners who wanted to meet up with him.

Several meetings later, Reddy secured an internship with Procopio starting this January through graduation in April.

“The decision to work through California Western’s Clinical Externship Program was to provide me the maximum exposure to Procopio,” says Reddy. “I wanted to be able to provide as much time and value to them as I could. On the other hand I selfishly wanted to be able to learn as much as possible from their seasoned attorneys.”

Reddy will be spending close to 30 hours a week at Procopio, submerging himself into every facet he can get his hands on.  After graduation he will make the hard transition and devote all his time to studying for the bar exam. 

“I would hope that I'm able to go in there and make an impact and that an opportunity presents itself for a position post bar,” reveals Reddy.

Not one to let the grass grow under his feet, Reddy in the meantime has been helping out San Diego’s newest professional sports franchise—the San Diego Seals, an expansion team in the 32-year-old National Lacrosse League (NLL).

Before law school, Reddy had worked for big-name sports franchises including the National Hockey League’s Colorado Avalanche, the National Basketball Association’s Denver Nuggets, and the NLL’s Colorado Mammoth.

It was while working for the Mammoth that Reddy formed a great working relationship with Mammoth Vice President Josh Gross who later moved to the San Diego Seals.

“When Josh and his family moved to San Diego we met just to stay in touch as friends,” explains Reddy. “I later ran into him at a draft event where they were picking their players for this year's team, and he said, ‘Hey, I can maybe use your help reviewing some of our sponsorship agreements.’”

So, together with doing his studies and his student representative duties for the Alumni Association, Reddy works as a general contractor helping the San Diego Seals internal sponsorship team review their contracts.

Seeking out these opportunities and making the most of them, despite the hard work and long hours, is leading Reddy closer to his ultimate goal—to represent professional athletes.

“I decided to obtain my law degree in order to sincerely help future athletes,” says Reddy. “By obtaining my law degree, I will have the expert knowledge to help my clients manage their careers.”

The environment at California Western has been entirely conducive to helping this go-getter meet his career goals.

“California Western gave me the opportunity to come here to school,” Reddy says. “I’ve taken the opportunity to be a model student and someone who stands for the greater good of the community.”

Reddy’s advice to incoming students is simple. “Know yourself, know what works for you and then be willing to put in those long, hard hours.”

There seems no doubt that Tyler Reddy is following his own advice.