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Alumni News
4/10/2019 1:20:17 PM
Igniting a Passion to Practice Law
Corey Hoffmann

Colorado City Attorney Corey Hoffmann ‘93 describes how his work at a local government level has fueled his passion for practicing law that was ignited through his experiences at California Western.

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Alumni News
4/2/2019 9:20:11 AM
Attorney Finds His Niche in the Appellate World
Dennis Temko

Appellate attorney Dennis Temko ’12 reveals why he decided to specialize in appellate family law and how California Western was a pivotal influence in that decision.

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Student News
3/28/2019 8:42:51 AM
‘Honey Badger’ Article Wins Trademark Law Award for CWSL Student
Sara Gold

California Western 3L student Sara Gold has won the 2019 Ladas Memorial Award with an article that examines the conflict between trademark protection and free speech principles in the recent “Honey Badger Don’t Care” trademark case.

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Faculty News
3/26/2019 7:42:59 AM
From Lawyer to Law Professor and Back Again
Prof. William Aceves

California Western's Professor William Aceves describes his ongoing involvement in the world of international law serving as counsel in several high-profile human rights cases.

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Campus News
3/14/2019 8:49:00 AM
Latin American Lawyers Laud CWSL’s Spanish Trial Skills Academy
Spanish Trial Skills Academy

Following the recent California Western Latin American Institute of Law and Justice Spanish Trial Skills Academy, participants provided feedback on the effectiveness of the program and the impact it will have on their professional careers.

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