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Alumni News
11/26/2019 8:32:44 AM
Love What You Do!
Merwyn Miller

Estate planning attorney Merwyn Miller ’74 recalls how serendipity played a large part in his 45-year career in law and how the experience he gained at California Western still resonates as clearly for him today as it did the day he graduated.

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Student News
11/20/2019 8:36:21 AM
California Western’s CAP Teams Win Again!
California Western Trial team

California Western’s Competitive Advocacy Program (CAP) Trial and ADR team members reflect on their competitive participation as they close out the fall season with some notable successes.

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Faculty News
11/13/2019 8:25:33 AM
Law Losing Ground to Tech
Prof. Tabrez Ebrahim

In a recent scholarly article published in the Nova Law Review, California Western’s Professor Tabrez Ebrahim discusses how patent and copyright law have been slow to respond to data-centric technologies causing repercussions for creators and inventors in the protection of data-centric innovations.

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Alumni News
11/6/2019 8:02:00 AM
Virtual Law Becomes Reality
Ian Roven

Former professional Esports athlete Ian Roven ’16 reveals how gaming drew him into a legal career and how he has developed his practice and become a specialist in the field of virtual law.

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Campus News
10/31/2019 2:40:23 PM
$3.5m Grant Awarded to ILDJ

Karen Sigmond, Associate Director of California Western’s Instituto Latinoamericano de Derecho y Justicia (ILDJ), discusses the impact of the recent State Department’s award of a $3.5m grant for their Mexican Moot Court Program.

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