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Faculty News
5/24/2018 4:18:32 PM
Prof. Leslie Culver Comments on Starbucks’ Upcoming Unconscious Bias Training
Prof. Leslie Culver

In a article published in The Spokesman-Review, Professor Leslie Culver discusses how Starbucks can most effectively use its few hours of unconscious bias training.

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Faculty News
5/24/2018 3:22:51 PM
Prof. Tim Casey on the Legal Issues Surrounding the Use of AI

In a report in the San Diego Business Journal, Professor Tim Casey comments on the promise of AI and who is at fault when machines are making the decisions.

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Alumni News
5/22/2018 3:27:30 PM
CaseyGerry’s Gayle M. Blatt ‘85 Appointed to Plaintiff’s Executive Committee in Apple Inc. Class Action Litigation
Gayle M. Blatt

California Western alum appointed by U.S. District Judge Edward J. Davila to the Plaintiffs’ Executive Committee in class action litigation surrounding Apple’s 2017 IOS update.

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Faculty News
5/21/2018 1:59:11 PM
Prof. India Thusi comments on sex work debate
Professor India Thusi

California Western School of Law Assistant Professor India Thusi discusses the dangers of lawmakers and authorities lumping voluntary sex work with involuntary sex trafficking.

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Campus News
5/17/2018 10:03:49 AM
Art Neill Weighs In On Whether A YouTube Persona Is Protected By Copyright

In a recent interview with WIRED, Art Neill Executive Director of New Media Rights comments on artists rights when it comes to copyright protection.

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