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Faculty News
3/23/2018 2:00:10 PM
Professor Nancy Kim Weighs in on Legitimacy of Trump's Efforts to Sue for Breach of Contract
Non Disclosure

In a recent article, California Western Professor Nancy S. Kim explores whether Stormy Daniels will be forced to pay $20M to President Donald Trump, based on inconsistencies in the adult performer's nondisclosure agreement.

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Faculty News
3/21/2018 7:14:14 PM
Professor Thusi Contributes to Piece on Trump Administration Efforts to Reinstate Harsh "School-to-Prison" Pipeline Policies
Professor India Thusi

In a recent article, California Western Professor India Thusi explains Obama-era guidelines that sought to address hypercriminalization in schools, and the Trump administration's attempts to reinstate "school-to-prison pipelines."

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Faculty News
3/19/2018 2:33:30 PM
Professor Barton Cited on for Advocacy of Clearly Written, "Business-Friendly" Contracts
Rendering of the Magna Carta

Professor of Law Thomas D. Barton is quoted on as a pioneer in the movement to adopt accessible, plain-language contracts—in lieu of those rife with traditionally verbose and jargon-laden legalese.

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Campus News
3/16/2018 2:20:10 PM
New Media Rights Receives Grant in Support of Consumer Privacy Protection Efforts
New Media Rights Executive Director Art Neill speaks with students

The New Media Rights at California Western receives a $40,000 grant from the Rose Foundation, recognizing their work on critical issues related to consumer privacy.

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Faculty News
3/8/2018 11:23:49 AM
Prof. Glenn Smith Examines Intricacies of Federal Lawsuit Against California
Attorney General Jeff Sessions

California Western School of Law Professor Glenn Smith appeared on 10News to discuss the debate surrounding state versus federal law, and whether/how they conflict after the Trump administration filed a lawsuit against California.


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