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Online Bookstore

  1. When can I order my books?
  2. Books are available for purchase as early as the first day of registration.

  3. Where can I find the book list for my classes?
  4. If you log into the CWSL Student Connection Web Portal, click on Registration & Records, My Schedule, select the current term then click the Book List button, you should see a customized book list based on your registered classes along with links to the preferred vendors to purchase them from.

  5. Will textbooks be available on reserve in the library?
  6. Yes, textbooks will be available on reserve. There will be a limited supply so please plan accordingly.

  7. Will the online bookstore carry used books, CWSL gear, office supplies and parking/meter cards?
  8. The online bookstore will offer a wide selection of new and used books as well as a variety of the most popular auxiliary study guides, horn books, outlines, and nutshells. CWSL gear, will not be available through the bookstore website at this time but if you're interested in purchasing anything, contact Sandra Geluso at Office supplies are not available through the bookstore website however, a limited stock is available for purchase at Heavenly Market located at 349 Cedar Street. Parking/meter cards are also available at Heavenly Market.

  9. How will prices compare?
  10. The prices at the online bookstore will be comparable to the prices at other bookstore venues.
    The school will continue to do its best to keep the costs of course materials as low as possible.

  11. Am I required to purchase my books through the online bookstore?
  12. With the exception of course packs, you can purchase your books anywhere you choose. Course packs are available at For your convenience, we have made the printed versions of your books available through Legal Books Distributing You may also purchase your books through the publisher.

  13. How will the online bookstore affect my book stipend?
  14. Beginning August, 1, 2016, book stipend recipients will receive a check (prorated for December 2016 graduates), and will be able to use the funds to purchase materials from any retailer.

  15. The book I want isn't available. What should I do?
  16. Either purchase it through the publisher or add it to your wishlist and your order will be processed as soon as it is in stock.  The inventory of books moves quickly before the beginning of school and Legal Books Distributing will typically have the item back in stock by the time your order is sent.  If they cannot fill your order quickly, their customer service should contact you.

  17. The book I want says it is “Out-Of-Stock”.  What should I do?
  18. Check to see if there are Notes to Students from your professor regarding course materials. If you don’t see any, please email the ISBN of the item/s to Sandra Geluso at so she can investigate for you.

  19. How long does it take to receive my books?
  20. Orders placed by 2 pm (PST) Monday-Friday, ship the same day and should arrive within a few business days. Their hours are Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 5:00 pm.

  21. How are returns processed?
  22. Contact Legal Books Distributing at 800 200-7110 to assist you with your returns.

  23. Will there be a buy-back program?
  24. Not here at CWSL.