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Fall 2020 - (Add/Drop fees are waived for the Fall 2020 term)

Week Dates Percentage Earned
I.L.S. (1L's only) 8/24/20-8/31/20 15% EARNED
1st WEEK 9/1/20-9/7/20 15% EARNED
2nd WEEK 9/8/20-9/14/20 15% EARNED
3rd WEEK 9/15/20-9/21/20 20% EARNED
4th WEEK 9/22/20-9/28/20 25% EARNED
5th WEEK 9/29/20-10/5/20 30% EARNED
6th WEEK 10/6/20-10/12/20 35% EARNED
7th WEEK 10/13/20-10/19/20 40% EARNED
8th WEEK 10/20/20-10/26/20 45% EARNED
9th WEEK 10/27/20-11/2/20 50% EARNED
10h WEEK 11/3/20-11/9/20 60% EARNED
11th WEEK 11/10/20-11/16/20 100% EARNED
12th WEEK 11/17/20-11/23/20 100% EARNED
13th WEEK 11/24/20-11/30/20 100% EARNED
14th WEEK and beyond 12/1/20-12/7/20 100% EARNED

According to 34 CFR 668.22 (e)2(ii)(A) a student has earned 100% of their Financial Aid after completing 60% of the term. CWSL applies the same policy to earned tuition. After a student has completed 60% of the term per the earned tuition schedule, CWSL considers tuition 100% earned.