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To apply, contact:
Professor Leslie P. Culver
A.I.M. Director
(619) 525-1476

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Current Schedule.

Note: Spring 2020 application will be available by Oct. 30, 2019

Program Overview

A.I.M. for Law prepares undergraduate students, primarily from traditionally underrepresented communities, for the law school application process and the first year of law school.

Program Highlights

  • Learn what to expect from the first year of law school
  • Learn how to navigate the law school application process
  • Learn how to fund your legal education
  • Learn how to effectively study for the LSAT
  • Learn how to write a successful personal statement
  • Be paired with a current law student mentor
  • Hear from a variety of attorney guest speakers
  • Learn the foundations of legal writing and reading cases
  • Have the opportunity to visit law school classes and job sites of legal professionals
  • Develop lasting mentoring relationships and much more!


The A.I.M. program is offered for FREE!


To apply, (1) download an application and send to AND (2) submit your current résumé to:
If you have questions, please contact Program Director Professor Leslie P. Culver at or (619) 525-1476.

  • The program is open to all college students, although the best time to participate is during your sophomore year.
  • Starting Spring 2019, the program runs each Spring semester from January through May. Current Schedule.
  • The program is held monthly on Saturday mornings (approx. 9:00 a.m. to noon).
  • All sessions are held at California Western School of Law's campus in downtown San Diego.

Space is limited, so act fast!



Spring 2020

Applications Open

Nov. 1, 2019

Application Deadline

Dec. 15, 2019


Jan. 11, 2020

Offers Extended

Jan. 13-15, 2020

Program Begins

Jan. 25, 2020

Program Ends

May 2, 2020

Student Testimonials

"This program changed my whole view of what I want for my future.
I came into this program solely from my interest in law/crime but I never really saw it as a career for myself. This program allowed me to find what I am beginning to see my true passion is, the law and becoming a criminal law attorney.
I wanted to thank you for not only an enriching program filled with knowledgable guest speakers and engaging activities, but also for your own energy and positivity that was brought into the classroom every single day we all met. A professor can make all of the difference for their students and your excitement did just that.
It was a pleasure to have you lead all of us towards our future goals. Thank you for absolutely everything Professor Culver, truly!"

"AIM helped me develop and maintain a positive mindset about law school, and it was an amazing benefit for me throughout my application process. I was so well prepared the process was nearly seamless!"
"A.I.M. for Law has been a big inspiration for me. I always considered applying to law school, but now I will for sure. Nearly every week a guest speaker would come and talk to the group. These guest speakers ranged from an admissions officer to an international law attorney. Having a variety of guest speakers really opened my eyes to the different fields of law and how versatile a law degree is. I was able to reach out to a few of the guest speakers, and they even offered me the opportunity to meet outside of A.I.M. to answer questions or shadow them at work."
"A.I.M. not only helped me by providing information about the legal field, but I also learned a lot about other components of a law school application, including the financial aid process, how to write a personal statement, and the importance of letters of recommendation. A.I.M. provided me with all the tools necessary to apply to law school and beyond. The information is rich and valuable to any pre-law student, and I am thankful to be part of it."
"When I started the A.I.M. for Law class I expected to receive some basic LSAT training and a little information on law school admissions, but this program is much more than that. Our classes offered a challenging balance of LSAT training, legal writing, case briefing, and more. The class was small enough to get individual attention when I struggled with concepts and created a cohesive support group of motivated pre-law students both within and beyond the classroom."
"I have felt interested in law for some time, but I was never sure enough to fully commit to it. A.I.M. For Law was a perfect opportunity to test the waters. The program’s direct, insightful knowledge and instruction was just what I needed. It combined practical advice and insights, relevant and helpful practice exercises, and allowed me meet and learn from members of the legal community."
"I really enjoyed AIM for law because I felt surrounded by like-minded students who were all as eager as I was to learn more about law school, law practice, and more."
"I learned a great deal about law schools with the help of A.I.M. for Law. The mentoring I received through this program is invaluable, as it has given me the essential tools to get into law school and have a great start. Had I not been a part of the A.I.M. for Law program, I would not have known how competitive law school is and what I can do to get ahead."
"The AIM program was great in that it allowed me to connect to other students with similar goals and fears, and we are now able to go through this process together. I also enjoyed learning about writing in IRAC format. It's a challenge to be able to put legal arguments together in this format, and I'm sure it will be a helpful tool when I get to law school. I love the assistance A.I.M. provides. It brought me back to the reason I went back to school, which was to continue on to law school."