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We understand the challenges of starting law school. Although faculty and staff are wonderful sources of support, who better to help incoming students navigate their first year than those who have recently done so themselves? At California Western, our peer-to-peer mentoring program serves all first-year students, including those from underrepresented communities and non-traditional students. By matching students in pairs, or in pods of three to four, first-year students receive resources and support tailored to their needs from students with firsthand experience. Second- and third-year student mentors provide helpful advice, encouragement, and insight.

Another goal of the program is to foster lasting peer-to-peer relationships within the CWSL student body by creating a strong community with a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion—relationships that will continue beyond graduation and into the legal profession.

Student and Diversity Services provides support and resources to our peer mentors and student organizations to further supplement peer-to-peer relationships and increase our students’ academic success and well-being. The Buddy Program provides mentor training, which is designed to provide professional skills to upper division mentors who will support, motivate, and guide mentees throughout their law school careers.

A word from a Buddy...

"I signed up for the Buddy Program hoping to meet an upper classman who would take me under their wing. I found exactly what I was looking for. My buddy was very kind, caring and approachable. She would text me periodically to check up on me. Although not a tutor, she would look over my outlines and advised me to speak to a professor if something seemed out of place. She also texted me before and after finals to make sure I was okay. These are the type of amazing individuals who are involved in this program ."

Taylor Williams, Class of 2017