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California Western is committed to the health and well-being of our students and campus community. With a wide range of on-campus services as well as outside referrals, Student & Diversity Services aims to ensure that our students stay physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy. As our motto goes, “Successful students use ALL the resources.”

We are dedicated to empowering our students as they navigate law school. Sharing our experience and tips, we provide non-academic coaching services and referrals to all students. Incoming students participate in “New to Law School Coaching” where new students are provided personalized assistance to support their transition into law school.

Students are encouraged to meet, at any point during the school year, with a member of Student & Diversity Services for a coaching session. Coaching topics are set by the student’s needs, but may include:

  • Balancing law school with family, outside, and other personal commitments
  • Learning strategies to support students with disabilities
  • Support in transitioning into law school
  • Strategies for managing stress and anxiety in law school
  • Time-management for success in law school
  • Upper-class course planning
  • Well-being: How to stay physically, emotionally and mentally healthy during law school
  • Mindfulness Practices and Tools

Another valuable mentor is your CWSL faculty. Students are strongly encouraged to meet with their faculty “Point of Contact” and a member of the Student Life department early in their law school career, and then as necessary to ensure students receive current and tailored feedback to support success in law school.

Counseling Referrals

Students may also receive free counseling sessions with local outside therapists to support their well-being and academic success. Three visits per trimester are paid for by the law school. See additional information on the Student & Diversity Services Canvas page or by contacting Student & Diversity Services directly.

Additional resources are available to current students on the Canvas course pages for Student & Diversity Services, Academic Achievement, and Career and Professional Development Office.

Student & Diversity Services
Student Center, 350 Cedar Street, 1st Floor
Phone: 619-515-1576