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The Library of Congress Classification scheme is an alpha-numeric system and is used throughout our collection.

  • The first line of the call number represents the general subject of the book.
    KF -- Law of the United States

  • The second line is a number defining the more specific subject area.
    8732 -- Court administration and management

  • The third line contains the first letter of the author's last name and the designated author's number (a decimal).
    .F7 -- Author number for Ernest C. Friesen

Books are shelved in the order of their call numbers with the exception of the Periodicals Collection which is arranged alphabetically by title.

  • In some instances the Library owns two or more copies of a title, and the separate copies may be housed in different places.

  • Ranges of call numbers are located in various floors throughout the building.

  • Locations are identified in the on-line catalog.

Please consult with a Library staff member if you have difficulty locating the material you wish to see.

Selected Library of Congress Classification Numbers

Law of the United States

Administrative Law

KF 5401-5402


KF 1146-1238


KF 1096-1114

Intellectual Property

KF 2971-3192


KF 1341-1348


KF 379-382


KF 1631-1657

Labor Law

KF 3301-3580

Appellate Procedure

KF 9050-9058

Legal History

KF 350-374


KF 1501-1548

Oil and Gas

KF 1841-1873

Civil Rights

KF 4741-4783

Personal Property

KF 701-720

Civil Procedure

KF 8810-9075

Public Finance

KF 6200-6795

Commercial Law

KF 870-890

Public Utilities

KF 2076-2095

Conflict of Laws

KF 410-418

Real Property

KF 566-698


KF 5505-5508


KF 1244

Constitutional Law

KF 4501-5130


KF 911-935


KF 801-1241

Secured Transactions

KF 1046-1062


KF 1384-1480

State & Local Finance

KF 6720-6795

Criminal Law

KF 9201-9461


KF 6271-6645

Criminal Procedure

KF 9601-9760


KF 1246-1327

Domestic Relations

KF 501-553

Trade Regulation

KF 1600-2940

Environmental Law

KF 3775

Trial Practice

KF 8911-8925


KF 746-780


KF 726-745


KF 8931-8935

Unfair Competition

KF 3195-3198

Food and Drugs

KF 3861-3894

Water Resources

KF 5551-5590

Forensic Medicine

RA 1001-1171


KF 5691-5710

Law of California

LC Classification Scheme for California Law