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Using The Color Printer

At this time, the color printer is only available when logged on to a computer in the 290 lab.  We hope to make the printer available for printing from laptops in the near future.

On your Windows desktop, you will find an icon labeled "AddColorPrinter".  You will need to double-click on this icon to make the color printer available.  Double-click on the icon, you will see the install process run, and then the printer will be available.

Whenwe set up the printer, we found that adding the printer to the lab computers made the logon process take even longer than it already does.  Using this method, you only get the color printer if you need it, and it doesn't make the logon time longer for everyone else.

Cost of Printing:

Black and white printers:  Three cents per sheet of paper.

Color printer:  Twelve cents per page.

Cost Comparison:

Black and white
Six pages, single-sided   $0.18
Six pages, double-sided   $0.09 (three sheets of paper at three cents each)
Six pages, single-sided   $0.72
Six pages, double-sided   $0.72