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Taking An Exam With SofTest for Mac

Summary of Exam Process

Prior to exam day

  1. Register and pay for SofTest
  2. Download and install SofTest
  3. Download exam file prior to exam time.

Click here for complete installation instructions.

Exam day

  1. At exam time, run SofTest.
  2. Select exam file.
  3. Student gets unique exam number from exam instructions.
  4. Proctor supplies password to exam file.
  5. Computer goes into secure mode.
  6. Student takes exam.
  7. When finished, student exits exam.
  8. Computer goes back to normal mode.
  9. SofTest looks for network connection.
  10. SofTest uploads answer file.

Step By Step: Taking An Exam

Run SofTest. Normally, you will have an icon on your Dock, or in the Applications folder.

It looks like this:

Running SofTest will start the Softest Launcher:

Click the "Take An Exam" button.

This will give you the SofTest Start Window.

1. In the "Exam File Location" field, click the down arrow. This will give you a list of the exam files on your computer.

Select the proper file for the exam you are about to take.

2. Enter the 4-digit exam number (your proctor will show you where to get this number)

3. Enter the password for this exam (this will be supplied by the proctor)

4. Click the "Start" button.

You will get a dialog box saying that SofTest will close all other programs. Make sure all of your data is saved, and all programs are closed, then click Yes.

SofTest will shut down all other programs and go into secure mode

After a moment, you will get this window: Click Next

Next you will get this screen:

When you get to this screen, do not proceed until instructed to do so by the proctor!

When you get this screen, stop and wait until instructed to proceed. This is the "Stop Sign Screen" that you will hear about. This screen means that SofTest is ready for you to start typing your essay. Do not go past this screen, until the proctor tells you to begin your exam.

Once the proctor says to begin, type "Begin" in the box, and then click the Begin button. The word processor will open up, and you can start typing your essay.

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