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When you are finished with your exam, click the "Exit/Save" button.

You will then get this screen:

When you click the "Close Exam" button, SofTest saves your completed essays, and gets ready to upload your answers.

You will then get this screen:

This screen tells you that SofTest has saved all of your work in an "Answer File". The answer file has the final version of all the work you have done on the exam. The answer file will be uploaded to ExamSoft, and our Faculty Support department will then send your answers to your professor to be graded.

When you click the Exit button, you will get this screen:

This is SofTest in the process of uploading the answer file.

When it is finished, you will get this screen:

Do not leave the classroom until you see this screen!

At this point, you are finished, and you may leave the classroom. Click the Close button to close this screen.

If you have any problems with this procedure, simply tell the proctor that you need help with your computer. Your computer techs will be able to assist you with any problems you may have.

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