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The SofTest word processor has many of the normal word processing features that you are used to, including the normal text formatting features. You can use copy and paste within SofTest, but you cannot copy or paste any text from outside of your essays. Although there is a spell check feature, this function is disabled on all exams here at CWSL

There are a few special features you need to be aware of.

  1. The Save Button: You can use the save button as you normally would in any word processor. However, you really don't have to worry about saving data in SofTest. SofTest automatically saves a backup copy of your work every sixty seconds.

  2. The Question Navigation Buttons: When you are finished with your first question, click the arrow button to move to the second question, and so on. If you forget to use these arrow buttons, you essentially write all of your essay answers on one single long sheet of paper. By using the arrow buttons, you separate the answers, and make it easier for the professor to tell which answer goes to which question. This is very important if there is a character limit on your essays. (See Item 3, Character Count)

    If you get to the end of the exam, and realize you forgot to use the arrow buttons, just turn the answers in anyway. Try to mark the answers so the professor knows which is which.

  3. Character Count: On some exams, you will have a limit on how many characters you can use in each essay. This section down here shows you how many characters you have used in the current essay.  Click here for more information.

    If there is a character limit on your essay, it is essential that you use the Question Navigation Buttons to separate your answers. You must use the navigation buttons in order for SofTest to give you an accurate count of how many characters you have used in each individual answer.

  4. Time: This time is based on the clock in your computer. You can use this to keep track of your time, so you don't have to keep looking at the clock in the classroom. Do not use the "Time Left" field to the left of the clock. This will not have an accurate count of how much time you have left in your exam. CWSL is not using this feature to track our exams.

  5. The "Exit and Save" Button: When you are finished with the exam, or the proctor says "Time's Up", click the Exit Exam button to exit the exam and close SofTest.

  6. The Hide Question and Hide Sidebar buttons will collapse those sections of the screen, and make the text section larger. You can use the same buttons to expand these sections if you need them.

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