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We have a number of Mock Exam files available for download with SofTest. The mock exams are used to test your installation of SofTest, and to practice using SofTest.

Note: The mock exam files are for testing the SofTest program, and for practice, only. They may not be used to take a real exam. CWSL will not accept any exam taken using the mock exam files. Any exams taken using the mock exam files will not be accepted, and will not be graded.

There are three mock exam files available:

  • Mock_Exam_2014-15.xmzx
  • Mock_Exam_2014-15_MC.xmzx

Mock_Exam_2014-15.xmzx is the main mock exam file. It is a secure exam, and it is used to test your installation of SofTest. You can use any four digit number for the exam number. No password is needed. This file has limited downloads, so you may not see it on your list.

We recommend that you use Mock_Exam_2012-13.xmzx after you have installed SofTest to make sure that SofTest is installed and running properly on your computer. We also recommend that you run it once more a day or two before your first exam to refresh your memory as to how SofTest works, and how the word processor works. You can download the mock exams more than once, but you can only download the real exam files once.

Mock_Exam_2014-15_MC.xmzx is a mock exam used to simulate a multiple choice exam in SofTest. We are not using this feature, so you can ignore this one.

If you have any questions about using the mock exam files, please contact your computer technician:
Call: 619-525-1473
Go To: The tech office in the Student Computer Lab in the Library