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      During some exams your professor puts a limit on how characters can be used in your essay.  In SofTest, there is a readout of your character count at the bottom of the screen.  The number of character does include spaces.

Basic character count on main screen

       Here we have a string of numbers, separated by a space.  The character count reading at the bottom of the screen shows that eleven characters are used.  One for each number, and one for the space between them.


      Sometimes a professor may specify a character count to not include spaces.  If that is the case, go to the sidebar at the right hand side of the screen, and click the "Stats" tab.

Stats tab in SofTest 

      As you can see, for the same essay, it gives a count both with, and without spaces. 


Note:  The stats section does not update as you type.  The numbers will update once a minute when SofTest automatically saves your essay.


In this picture, you can see the whole thing, with the character count at the bottom, and the Stats tab on the Sidebar.

 Character count full.