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Table of Contents

Accessing the Student Email System

At California Western School of Law, we have our own email system for students. Official school notices are sent to your CWSL email address. It is the responsibility of each student to check his or her CWSL email regularly.

To access your CWSL email:

  1. From any page on the CWSL website, click the "Current Students" block near the top of the page.
  2. From the "Current Students" page, click the "Student Email System" link.
  3. Log in with your CWSL network ID and password.

Technical note: Just in case you are interested, the web address for the email site is

Email Storage Size Information

Your mailbox has a storage capacity of 1 GB. If you exceed this amount, you will not be able to receive email, so it is important that you keep track of how much space you have used.

When you first log in, you will see two tabs; a "Today" tab, and an "Inbox" tab. The "Today" tab will show you how much of your mailbox space you have used, and how much is left.

Whenever you send a message, a copy goes in the Sent folder. When you delete a message, it goes in the Deleted folder. This way, if you delete something on accident, you can go back and "pull it out of the trash". Both the Sent folder and the Deleted folder count against your 1GB total, so it is important to clean up your mailbox occasionally.

Reading Messages

When you select a message, it will be displayed in the reading pane at the bottom of the screen.

Or, you can double-click on it, and it will open in its own tab.

Types of CWSL Email Addresses

Email addresses for faculty and staff are slightly different than the email addresses for students.

  • A staff member address will be ""

  • A student address will be ""

It is important that you address your email messages correctly.