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We are moving our student email system from Imail to Office 365.  Our plan is to copy all of your past email messages from the old system, Imail, to the new system, Office 365.  However, we have discovered a possible problem.

Some people like to organize their email messages in folders.  The problem is that the transfer program will not copy any sub-folders.


So in this example, our student has created a number of folders and sub-folders.  The Alpha folder will transfer because it is in the "root" of the folder system. 

 The Charlie, Delta, and Baker folders will not transfer because they are sub-folders.


    To correct this, all the folders need to be in the "root" of the folder tree.  Like this.

 Email folders with subfolders    Email folders with all folders in the root directory

So make sure that there are no sub-folders in your email, or those emails messages will not get copied to Office 365.  The Imail system won't let you just move folders around.  You will have to create new folders in the root directory, and copy all emails.

If you need have questions or need help with this, please let me know.

Daniel Starnes
Phone: 619-525-1473